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Monday 14th October 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: FINALLY some good news for the Queen Vic

Linda's on a mission to stop Fi ruining the pub

Things have been pretty tense at the Queen Victoria public house over the past few months, what with all the sexual tension, collapsing roofs and freehold-selling business.

Will Linda restore some normality to the pub? (Credit: BBC)

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But don't worry your little heads because there's some good news in the pipeline.

Tracey the barmaid, who was ruthlessly sent packing by Fi Browning, gets her jobs back next week. About time too.

Silent Trace gets reinstated when Linda Carter decides it's about time she started undoing some of Fi's handiwork on the pub.

L also offers new resident fittie, Keanu Taylor, a trial shift behind the bar - much to Fi's horror. We think he'll fit right in.

Fi doesn't take Linda's attitude well and sets out to have a showdown with the recently returned landlady.

But there is eventually a thaw between the blondes, when Linda begins to open up to Fi about her worries. But now knowing that Fi is Team Max, we're worried that L is being played.

It's the battle of the blondes when Fi and L square up (Credit: BBC)

Later in the week, Linda offers Tracey her job back - but will she accept, or throw the offer back in her face? And will she speak her answer, or act it out Charades-style?

Tracey was cruelly fired by Woody, when Fi took over the running of the pub back in April.

She'd spent 30 years pulling pints at the Vic so we imagine her pay-off packet must have been impressive.

Following her dismissal, Trace was offered a job by Vincent in the now-little-seen Albert. Will she be willing to say goodbye to the Walford hipsters?

Tracey's sacking was not taken well by die hard fans of the soap. Fans even started several petitions to get her reinstated.

But will Tracey accept the olive branch? (Credit: BBC)

And it wasn't just the viewers upset by Tracey's sacking. So too were the residents of Albert Square,

Not only was there an angry mob outside the Vic pleading for "Justice for Tracey", even show stalwart Ian Beale took time out to pay tribute to her.

While Tracey's sacking was definitely a low moment in the history of the show, it gave viewers a little glimpse into the world of the character known as the silent assassin.

Because despite working behind the country's most famous bar for three decades, very little was actually known about Tracey the barmaid.

Ian's speech revealed that Tracey lived in East Ham and got the bus in to work every day and that she had been through two divorces and a cancer scare.

Tracey has suffered a lot during her 30 years service (Credit: BBC)

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Sounds like Trace could have her own spin-off show.