FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

Linda's world starts to fall apart...

Linda is struggling to cope in next week’s EastEnders, leaving her marriage in tatters. Also, Bernadette learns the truth about Keanu, and Whitney puts herself in danger…

Linda hits rock bottom 

A hungover Linda has a run in with Shelley while on the school run, leading to Linda asking Chantelle to collect Ollie from school for her.

Linda is mortified when her card is declined, knowing that Mick is behind it.

Later Chantelle brings Ollie home, but takes matters into her own hands when she sees how drunk Linda is.

Linda struggles at a support group with Shirley…

Later she breaks down, much to Shirley’s surprise. The pair make up…  but their truce doesn’t last long.

At home, Linda hears Shirley telling Mick that Ollie needs to be his priority and Linda accuses the pair of them of plotting against her.

Linda doesn’t react well when Mick tries to stop her from drinking…

Linda explodes and throws wine at Mick, but she is mortified when she ruins one of Ollie’s paintings in the process.

Linda goes to see Sharon to apologise and reveals her theory that Mick and Shirley are plotting against her. Sharon gives her friend advice and convinces her to try and make her marriage work.

Linda heads home to make amends with Mick, but isn’t prepared for what she finds when she gets back.

Whitney puts herself in danger 

Wracked with guilt, Whitney tries to put things right with Kush.

But she soon ends up taking matters into her own hands… putting her own life in danger. It’s clear the stress is getting too much for Whitney, but can anyone help her?

Bernadette discovers the truth

When Karen seems unconcerned by the police updating her about Keanu, Bernie gets suspicious.

Realising that She won’t let it go, Karen takes a risk and tells Bernie everything about what happened to Keanu.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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