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Friday 6th December 2019

FIRST LOOK: Next week's EastEnders in 10 pictures

Where is missing Bex?

Bex runs away, Dennis attacks the Taylors, and Callum and Whitney move into their new flat in next week's EastEnders.

Kush tells Martin about Bex's crush

Bex takes her frustration at not hearing back from Kush out on Sonia. Determined to speak to him she heads out to see Kush on the market but he feels awkward when Martin interrupts them.

He admits Bex has a crush on him. Surprised, Martin assures him he'll sort it all out.

Bex is heartbroken

Despite Louise's doubts, Bex hatches a plan to get Kush alone and uses her key to get into his flat.

Kush tries to talk sense into Bex but when Kat arrives Bex is crushed to learn they're an item and runs off.

Later, Bex packs her things and leaves... Where will she go?

Bex goes missing

Realising Bex didn't come home, Sonia rushes to the Slaters' to update Martin but they're thrown by Kat's advice - ask Kush.

As the truth comes out, Sonia is stunned to learn what Bex has been up to.

As Martin and Sonia exhaust all avenues looking for Bex, a worried Ted reveals what he saw the previous night.

Assuming Stuart could be behind Bex's disappearance, Martin leaves a message for Callum to meet him in The Vic.

Tina urges Rainie to show everyone the picture of Stuart and Bex on her phone, unaware it's not full legitimate.

As everyone reels from the photo, Stacey suggests calling the police.

Meanwhile Stuart finds Bex's smashed phone at the allotments. Has something happened to her?

The truth about Bex comes out

Rainie feels guilty as Max blames Stuart for Bex's disappearance. Over at The Vic the Slaters, Brannings and Kush rally round to help find her.

However, all hell breaks loose when Stuart arrives and he and Martin come to blows.

As Kush breaks them up, Rainie confesses the truth about the photo.

At the Slaters', Stacey and Kush are convinced Stuart is innocent and as tensions rise, Martin and Sonia learn about Bex's pills and her kissing Kush.

Meanwhile, having taken more pills, Bex's paranoia grows and she runs away, thinking she's being followed.

Dennis gets hurt

Karen prepares a picnic to cheer up Bailey but fails to convince Mitch to tell Bailey the truth about Dinah.

At the park, things go awry when Dennis is hit in the face and Mitch is embarrassed when Bailey admits it was her.

Mitch is adamant Bailey needs to be told off but Mick and Linda encourage him to go easy on her after everything she's been through.

However, Bailey admits to Karen she lied and it was Ollie Carter who hit Dennis.

Dennis gets revenge on the Taylors

After hearing what really happened to Dennis, Karen persuades Mitch to tell Bailey the truth about Dinah.

Back at home, Mitch explains to Bailey that her mum ended her own life.

Phil winds up Dennis about being hit by Bailey and after talking to Ben, Dennis hatches a plan to get revenge on the Taylors.

Dennis and his friends throw water balloons at Chatham and Riley but Linda scares them off and tells Karen, who vows to catch the culprits.

Taylors vs. Mitchells

Keegan and Keanu are keen to find out who targeted Chatham and Riley, while Chantelle comforts a distraught Karen.

Things get worse for Karen when Linda shows her a video of the attack online, but Linda is stunned when Karen let's slip it was Ollie who hit Dennis.

Later Karen is fuming when the boys admit it was Dennis who was behind the attack. Karen races to confront the Mitchells.

Louise admits she's still pregnant

Sharon worries that Dennis was responsible for the water balloon attack, but when Phil questions him, he's adamant he didn't do it.

As Dennis leaves he shoves Louise hard.

Sharon admits to Phil that Dennis hit her and realising he's lying, Phil gives him a severe dressing down, while Sharon apologises to Karen.

Later Sharon notices Louise crying and she admits she's still pregnant.

Callum and Whitney move into their new flat

Whitney and Callum are delighted to move into their new flat and Whitney is touched by a gift that Callum gives her.

Later, Mick makes a fuss over Callum during his last shift at The Vic.

Tiffany helps Whitney unpack but when Callum snaps at her for messing around with his Army uniform, they're both shocked.

Whilst sorting the van with Ben, Callum is concerned when Ben mentions seeing him hurting himself a few weeks back.

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