FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

A shock return, an arrest and a breakdown!

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Stuart wakes up, which is bad news for Halfway… and Mick! Meanwhile, Kush reaches rock bottom…


Stuart wakes up… and tells Halfway that Mick shot him!

Kush spots Sophie sniffing around and warns her to sling her hook.

Stacey tries to reassure Hayley who’s worried about how tough motherhood seems.

Later, she’s baffled to receive a text from an unknown number demanding to meet her.


The police come for Mick… as Halfway makes an horrific realisation.

Stacey arrives at the E20 and discovers who her mystery text was from – Ruby!


Hayley’s none too happy when her mum Bev shows up on the Square.

Stuart’s daughter Zara corroborates his story, leaving Linda devastated.


Jean forces Hayley to go to A & E when she discovers that she’s worried about the baby.

Kush suffers a devastating breakdown.

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