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Sharon tells Ben the truth

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Sharon gets the results of the DNA test, Ben learns Keanu gets his inheritance, and Stacey isn’t happy about Max and Ruby in next week’s EastEnders.

Sharon gets the results of the DNA test…

Sharon is on edge when the DNA test results arrive. Who is the father?

Phil asks Ben for his help running the E20 in order to reduce Sharon’s workload. Although reluctant at first, he decides to help.

Ben makes a discovery

When Ben arrives at the club he makes an intriguing discovery – some interesting paperwork.

Agreeing to help long-term, Ben celebrates with Lola.

Keanu is alarmed to realise Phil is still involved with dodgy business contacts and riles Phil by insisting he backs off for the sake of their unborn children.

With Phil having none of it, Keanu takes matters into his own hands.

Raging, Phil calls Keanu to The Vic and gives him a threat he can’t ignore in front of everyone.

Sharon lets the truth slip…

Meanwhile, Sharon misunderstands a conversation with Ben and assumes Phil told him about the will.

She says Keanu will now get the inheritance instead of him.

Seeing red, Ben calls Keanu to meet him at The Arches…

Stacey isn’t happy about Ruby and Max

Ruby is thrown when Max reveals that Stacey isn’t happy about them dating.

Ruby invites Stacey and a reluctant Martin on a double date to get to the bottom of it.

At the restaurant things soon turn sour as Ruby and Stacey struggle to remain civil. Ruby confronts Stacey.

Unable to be around Max any longer Martin storms off and goes back home. He questions if Stacey still has feelings for Max.

Despite Stacey insisting otherwise, Martin tells Stacey she needs to prove that she wants their marriage to work.

The next day is Martin’s birthday and with things still tense between him and Stacey, he’s in no mood to celebrate and rushes off to work.

Martin and Stacey marriage at rock bottom

Kush takes Martin for a drink and is taken aback when Martin tells Kat to join them.

After some advice from Mo, Stacey goes to spend some time with Martin but is fuming when she finds him celebrating with Kat, and things get worse when Max and Ruby arrive in The Vic.

Despite everything, Kat tries to keep the peace but Stacey is having none of it.

Martin snaps at her and storms off.

Adam is forced to choose…

Adam tried to make things up to Habiba and invites her on a date.

He panics when he arrives home and sees Honey dressed up suggesting they spend time together.

Adam tries to worm his way out of spending time with Honey, but it’s clear she’s becoming suspicious. He cancels his plans with Habiba.

Habiba is gutted when and things get awkward when he arrives at the restaurant with Honey.

Later at the Ahmeds’, Adam spots a glam looking Iqra and with things still frosty between them, he puts her on the spot and questions who she’s meeting.

Romance for Stuart and Rainie?

With Bobby refusing to care for her, Rainie turns to Stuart for company.

When he arrives he grows concerned about her taking painkillers.

Despite his worries they bond and he suggests they go on a date.

Stuart is relieved when Rainie agrees to the date. They go to Walford East.

Rainie is hurt when Stuart takes her to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and explains he’s worried about her.

Back home, she snaps at Stuart.

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