FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

Chantelle makes a shock discovery about Gray...

There’s drama in EastEnders next week when Chantelle realises Gray has been keeping secrets, Callum gives Ben a shock ultimatum, and Matin’s world continues to fall apart…

Gray’s lies are uncovered 

Chantelle is shocked when Jack tells her Gray started the fight he had in a nightclub but, when she confronts her husband, his temper flares.

Promising to change his ways, Gray asks Chantelle to come along to his therapy session, and she reluctantly agrees.

But once there, things don’t go well and later Chantelle admits to Gray that she is scared of him.

Is this the end of their marriage?

Callum gives Ben an ultimatum

Kathy is shocked when she overhears Ben blackmailing Martin and desperate to make her son change his ways, she asks Lola for help.

Lola plans a weekend away with Lexi and Ben, but Ben’s good mood is short-lived when Callum finds out about him threatening Martin and delivers him an ultimatum.

Ben is left reeling after Callum’s ultimatum and confides in Jay about the state of his relationship.

After seeing Martin enjoying his day with Arthur, it seems Ben could be having a change of heart about making him do his dirty work.

But Ben just can’t help his dodgy ways and he’s soon exchanging money with Tubbs again.

Callum is devastated when he sees Ben up to his usual tricks and realises he needs to take drastic action if he wants Ben to clean up his act.

Callum confronts Ben and doesn’t hold back in telling him what he really thinks about his dodgy work.

Can Callum really make Ben change his Mitchell ways?

Max proposes

Max is humiliated when someone at E20 assumes he is Ruby’s dad, leading him to making a huge decision.

Max wants to prove to Ruby that he is serious about her and decides to propose… but will she say yes?

Martin’s world falls apart 

Martin is in a good mood, but Kush is hiding a secret that will bring him back down to earth with a bump.

Later Martin is heartbroken when he heads to the Slater house and finds Mo and Jean packing up Stacey’s belongings. Is their marriage over for good?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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