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Jay gets a nasty blast from the past

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There’s drama heading for EastEnders next week when Jay is asked to organise the funeral for the man who murdered his dad, Martin gets in more trouble with Ben, while Leo tightens his grip on Whitney…

Jay’s past comes back to haunt him 

Jay is horrified when they get a new booking at the funeral parlour and it is for a man called Terry Bates – the man who murdered Jay’s dad more than a decade ago.

Jay doesn’t cope well with the sudden blast from the past and lashes out at Callum.

Jay is adamant they can’t do the funeral and Callum is worried about his friend’s state of mind.

Callum calls Ben for back up while Lola comforts Jay in his fragile state.

Jay isn’t in a good place and Billy tries to talk to him. The pair have an emotional heart-to-heart, but will Billy manage to get through to Jay?

Martin in more danger 

Martin continues to feel the pressure as he reluctantly works for Ben and Tubbs. He struggles to keep his work a secret from his family, and it soon starts to get too much for him.

Eventually a desperate Martin confides in Kush about what has been happening with Ben and Kush is adamant they need to confront Ben.

Unsurprisingly the confrontation doesn’t go well and Ben doesn’t back down. But eventually Martin comes up with a plan, will it work?

Martin promises Bex he will spend the afternoon with her, but his plans are ruined when Ben sends him on another dodgy job.

Martin puts his plan against Ben into motion and when things seem to go to well Martin is convinced the ordeal is over. Little does he know he just landed himself in even more danger from Ben.

Whitney makes a shocking discovery 

Whitney is upset when her stall is vandalised and as she tries to protect her stall, Leo comes rushing to her aid.

But is all as it seems with Leo’s knight in shining armour act?

Realising that Callum and Whitney are closer than ever since their break up, Leo is worried Callum is going to ruin his plans for Whitney and does some digging on his rival.

Leo does all he can to muddy Callum’s name, and Whitney is later shocked to find a file on his computer with Callum’s name on.

Whitney opens the file and is horrified by what she finds. Has Leo’s plan to get rid of Callum worked?

Adam’s true colours are revealed 

Honey is shocked by Adam’s behaviour towards Mariam and Arshad and urges him to sort it out.

Adam buys them tickets to visit India, but Arshad sees red and tells him exactly what he thinks of his behaviour.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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