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Sunday 15th December 2019

FIRST LOOK: Next week's EastEnders in 10 pictures

Phil remembers something...

Phil returns home, Max and Rainie come to blows over Abi, and Callum has some bad news for Stuart in next week's EastEnders.

Phil returns home

Ben throws a surprise party to welcome Phil home but Phil is less than impressed by his efforts.

Once everyone leaves, he confronts Ben about his argument with Jay in the hospital.

Worried Phil is onto him Ben denies any argument and he rushes to warn Jay. Phil gets to Jay first and asks Jay what happened.

Phil remembers something...

Later, Shirley visits Phil at The Arches. Phil reveals he's remembered something.

At the Slaters', Kat is alarmed to find Phil waiting in the kitchen for her.

As Callum helps Ben with a new lead on finding Louise, Phil continues to search for answers about what happened on the night he was attacked.

Max and Rainie come to blows

Max and Ruby make plans but when Ruby leaves, Jack questions if Ruby is expecting Abi to be there, but Max insists everything is fine.

Ruby returns later on to spend some alone time with Max, but is less than impressed to learn Max has Abi.

Meanwhile, Max is annoyed at Rainie when she lies about her plans for the day and keeps him from seeing his granddaughter.

Rainie and Max come to blows about their arrangements with Abi.

Bobby reminds the adults Abi should come first

Ian and Kathy get involved with Max and Rainie's argument and things escalate.

Fed up, Bobby snaps and reminds them Abi should come first. With Bobby's words on their mind, they try to come to an agreement.

Meanwhile, Stuart shares his concerns with Rainie about her continuing to take the painkillers but she assures him she'll stop.

Callum has some bad news for Stuart...

Sonia and Callum discuss plans for the wedding. Callum is alarmed to hear Stuart believes he is going to be best man.

Callum struggles to break the news to Stuart. After Stuart bombards him with plans for the stag do, Callum is honest.

Phil confronts Keegan

Phil confronts Keegan. He asks whether he's heard from Keanu.

Bailey worries about Keegan. She does her best to support him.

Gray goes away

Gray has some good news. He shares the news with Chantelle telling her that he has a place on a course to become a Solicitor Advocate.

The next day, he prepares to leave for his course.

It's the day of Dinah's inquest

Meanwhile it's the day of the inquest into Dinah's death.

Despite the results being as expected, Mitch and Karen struggle to cheer up Bailey.

Wanting to do something special for Bailey, Mitch turns to Chantelle for help.

Mitch pours his heart out to his eldest daughter. Chantelle agrees to help pay for a telescope for her.

Tiffany gets her GCSE results

Tiffany worries due to what happened this last year, she won't get the grades she needs.

Kathy and Jean support Tiffany as she opens her GCSE results. Will she get the grades she wanted?

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