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Thursday 5th December 2019

FIRST LOOK: Next week's EastEnders in 10 pictures

Will Ben convince Lola to stay?

Ian returns, Ben hatches a plan to make Lola stay, and Mel also has a plan in next week's EastEnders.

Ian returns

Ian returns to the Square and after being scolded by Kathy for not getting in touch with Bobby, he comes face-to-face with his son.

With things extremely awkward between Ian and Bobby, Ben suggests they go to The Vic to celebrate the family reunion. The locals are less than pleased at Bobby's presence.

As Denise shares some supportive words to Bobby, Mel picks up on the tension between Max and Bobby.

Bobby struggles to settle in

As tensions reach fever pitch, Bobby gets support from an unlikely source. Despite the support, things become too much for Bobby and he rushes home, demanding to be left alone.

Ian tries to get hold of Masood to discuss the business, but before Kathy can explain what's happened, they're shocked to see Bobby has a bruised face.

Assuming Max is responsible, Ian calls the police leaving Bobby mortified and refusing to co-operate.

Ian confronts Max

After Ian confronts Max, who denies hurting Bobby, Bobby reveals what happened.

Ian berates Kathy for not telling him about Masood but after a reality check from Kathy, Ian realises he hasn't been supporting Bobby and arranges a family meal.

Desperate to help Bobby settle back into Walford, Ian suggests some home tutoring but Bobby's dismissal leaves him hopeless.

In his room, Bobby gets a call from a friend and gets the reassurance he needs leading him to apologise to Ian, but as Ian vows to keep Bobby close, he's unaware his son has fled.

Mel sees an opportunity

Mel prepares for Hunter's sentencing but after some support from Gray, she turns her focus back onto Jack and they discuss investments. However they're interrupted when Jack gets a call to say Amy is sick.

Seeing an opportunity, Mel offers to look after her and secretly goes through Jack's bank statements.

When Max suddenly returns home, Mel is forced to cover and agrees to go for a drink with him.

Mel has a plan

Despite Mel's initial reluctance, she and Max share a kiss as a jealous Rainie watches on.

Later, Mel puts the final pieces of her plan to get Jack's money in place and spins Rainie a lie to get into the Brannings'.

Rainie lets her get on with it, but Mel's annoyed when she's interrupted by Tiffany. After swerving her questions, Mel is finally alone...

Jean is fed up

Jean becomes annoyed by Daniel at her chemotherapy appointment. As he continues to wind her up, she snaps leaving Stacey stunned.

When Jean can't find her book she searches the oncology unit and discovers Daniel has it.

As he continues to annoy her, Jean storms off leaving him regretful.

Jay learns about Ruby's wealth

Jay is stunned to realise how much money Ruby has and confides in Ben about not being good enough for her.

Things grow more uncomfortable for Jay when Ruby offers to take him for dinner.

Jay confides in Billy that he's having doubts about Ruby and sensing an opportunity, Billy relays the information to Lola. He encourages her to remain positive.

In need of a job, Lola tries her luck in the salon and Denise gives her a trial on the spot. Lola is pleased when Denise offers her a job at the salon.

Meanwhile, Ruby overhears Billy talking about her wealth and is furious with Jay.

But later the pair have a heart-to-heart and make amends. Lola watches on and she's deflated.

Ben has a plan

Ben is stunned when Lexi reveals her and Lola are moving back to Newcastle.

Ben confronts Lola about her plans to leave and pleads for one more day with Lexi.

Ben hatches a plan to make Lola stay and ropes Billy in. Ben resorts to desperate lengths to ensure Lola doesn't leave.

Gray tries to charm Mitch

The Taylors prepare for Kandice's baby's christening but as Mitch and Karen argue Gray smooths things over.

Gray continues to charm Karen but is gutted to overhear Mitch tell Karen he doesn't like him.

Chantelle is disappointed when Gray admits Mitch doesn't like him and despite Chantelle's encouragement, Gray fails to win Mitch over.

Chantelle has an idea to get Gray into Mitch's good books but when Mitch declines his offer, Chantelle doesn't hold back and gives her father some home truths.

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