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Tiffany is in trouble

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Keanu returns home, the truth about Tiffany comes pouring out, and Mitch goes head to head with Kim and Denise in next week’s EastEnders.

Monday March 25

Keanu arrives back in Walford. After receiving a warm welcome from his siblings, Karen scolds him for not getting in touch.

Meanwhile Sharon is pleased to see Keanu safely back home. Keanu is having none of it and after receiving a text asking to meet, he spins a lie and sends Phil instead.

Desperate to help Evie, Tiffany sneaks back into Ted’s flat to find a hidden stash of cash but it doesn’t take long for Bernadette to realise she’s there.

She takes Tiffany outside but she is shaken when she spots the guy who previously attacked Evie. Bernadette pushes to find out what’s going on and she soon learns the worrying truth.

Despite Bernadette’s pleas to get help, Tiffany rushes back to Evie. Fearful for her friend, Bernadette tells Karen everything.

Denise and Kim go all out to impress Patrick with their salon plans. They are shocked when he likes Mitch’s pitch.

Patrick tries to calm the situation and reveals he has rented a salon for the day to test both businesses.

Tuesday March 26

Louise is furious when Keanu ignores her and her embarrassment grows when a man named Midge spills coffee on her. In the cafe, she uses Midge to make Keanu jealous, but he soon realises he’s one of the men from Spain who attacked him

He rushes to fetch Phil who sends Louise on her way. He warns Midge to stay away from her but he demands payback for the money Phil lost him.

Whitney and Sonia are horrified to the the truth about Tiffany and as Bernadette reveals the extent of the trouble she’s in, she promises to lure her back to the Square. Tiffany soon arrives at the Taylor’s but after learning it’s a set up she snaps at Bernadette for betraying her and tries to escape.

Karen supports Bernadette. Sonia and Whitney do their best to get through to a terrified Tiffany. After insisting she needs money, Sonia lies and tells her she’ll find some money if she stays for the night.

Denise and Kim try to recruit Stacey as a hairdresser. With no luck they hold trials at the house but Denise is frustrated with Kim’s high standards.

As Denise is ready to give up, Karen and Mitch’s daughter Chantelle arrives and impresses them. After the sisters offer her a job and gloat to Mitch, they are stunned to realise Chantelle is Mitch’s daughter.

Thursday March 28

With Tiffany demanding money, Sonia seeks advice from Jack but covers Tiffany’s identity. Whitney and Sonia enlist Bernadette’s help to talk to her.

Sonia is later upset when she finds Tiffany stealing money and Dot’s jewellery. She tries to stop her but the pair come to blows and Tiff lashes out at Sonia.

The competition between Mitch and Denise and Kim hots up as Patrick observes their businesses for the day. Karen arrives to help Mitch and is delighted to see her daughter, leading her to switch teams.

Denise and Kim struggle to drum up business. Mitch manages to entice customers with free rum.

Friday March 29

Mitch relishes in the success of his pop-up. A customer, Gray, arrives and after taking a liking to Chantelle he leaves her a generous tip.

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