FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

What is Ruby planning?

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Ruby makes Phil an offer, Bex receives advice from Stuart, and Mitch goes to desperate lengths in next week’s EastEnders.

Monday March 18

Ruby goes to the Arches to see Phil. She offers him a wad of cash in return for a favour.

He refuses but Ruby rakes up the past telling him he owes her. Phil is left conflicted.

Mitch is determined to get new football boots for Bailey. He loses out on a paid job to do a job for Denise.

Feeling the pressure, Mitch resorts to desperate measures and steals one of Patrick’s rare records.

Feeling the pressure from her family, Bex lies about how well she did on a practise exam.

She confides in Louise but is upset by her lack of interest and storms off. Bex and Stuart have a surprise heart to heart and he offers her some wise words.

Kush sees Bex upset with Stuart and tells Martin. He storms over to threaten Stuart but soon realises Kush got it wrong, upsetting Bex even more.

Tuesday March 19

Kush’s plan to ask Mo to leave the flat is put on hold when she shows him a batch of fake fur coats. She makes a deal with Kush.

Bex discovers a batch of real fur coats were recently stolen. A furious Kush orders Mo to leave but she proves they’re legitimate.

Later, Bex apologises for the mix up. She talks about her worries over going to University and Kush is very reassuring.

Patrick looks for his missing record. Denise spots him at Winston’s music stall.

She sets a trap for Mitch and when he arrives at The Vic, Denise and Patrick confront him.

Thursday March 21

Ross and Matt arrive on The Square. Ross unknowingly lets himself into Ruby’s but is stunned to see her waiting for him.

He’s confused by her behaviour but when she wants to make him an offer, he’s all ears.

Martin gets a free pass from Stacey to go to football practise. Overhearing he’ll be at the E20 with Kush, Bex seizes the opportunity to see Kush.

Friday March 22

Linda arranges karaoke in the pub to cheer Shirley up. She belts out some meaningful 80s songs.

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