FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

The net is closing in on Mel

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As the police arrive for Mel, she turns to Jack, but will he be willing to help her in her hour of need? Here’s a look at next week’s soaps…

Monday February 11

The police arrive at the club looking for Mel. Billy calls her to warn her and she desperately tries to find Hunter.

Hunter notices his mum’s frantic behaviour and wants to wind her up, so invites Louise to dinner.

During dinner they hear on the radio a body’s been found in the woods. When Lou leaves, Mel gives Hunter a reality check over the amount of trouble they’re in.

Jean is worried when the doctor tells her she needs further tests. She hides the news from Stacey.

Tuesday February 12

The police take Mel in for questioning and things get uncomfortable as they interrogate her.

Desperate, Mel lies she was with Jack on the night of the wedding.

Jack is caught off guard when the police arrive to confirm Mel’s alibi. Will he lie for her?

When Mel returns home, Jack demands the truth from her. She reveals all, leaving him stunned.

As he advises her to tell the police everything, she instead begs him to help her and Hunter getaway.

Mitch tries to cheer Bailey up with a game of football with Mick and Keegan. Things end badly when Bailey hurts her shoulder.

Thursday February 14

Dot enlists Stuart to help her change Dr Legg’s mind about returning home. Will her plan work?

Mitch bumps into Denise. He begs her not to mention the stolen money in front of Bailey.

Friday February 15

how did Dr Legg die in EastEnders

With Dr Legg facing the end, he shares some poignant memories with Dot before passing away.

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