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Tuesday 19th February 2019

FIRST LOOK: Next week's EastEnders in 10 pictures

There's a shock in store for Alfie when he meets Hayley's new baby, Mel's keeping a close eye on what Ray's up to, and Billy's meddling in Honey's romance with Adam.

Monday December 3

Alfie shows up at the Slaters' house and announces he's come to win Kat back. Jean panics that he'll see Hayley and the baby and orders him to leave.

Bewildered, Alfie heads off to get the boys and while he's gone, Jean tries to convince Kat that she shouldn't see him - or the kids.

With Hayley's party underway, Alfie creates a diversion by inviting lots of locals to join the fun.

When everyone's distracted, he sneaks back in and goes to talk to Kat, who's locked herself in the bathroom. They have a heart-to-heart and Kat's reunited with her kids.

Despite Jean's best efforts to keep them apart, Alfie ends up cradling Hayley's baby. Jean looks on, horrified, as Hayley turns up and announces that she's the little girl's mum. Alfie is stunned.

Tuesday December 4

Annoyed that Ray's ditched her for work again, Mel agrees to meet Maddie at the E20. She cleverly manipulates her into revealing where Ray is and Mel heads off to see what he is up to. But will she be pleased by what she sees?

Kat wants to talk to Alfie about him being back, but he's distracted by Hayley's bombshell.

Later he tells Hayley he's come back for Kat and Hayley is deflated. And when he asks to be part of their baby's life, Hayley refuses and threatens to tell Kat the truth.

Billy is caught out when he tries to meddle in Honey and Adam's blossoming romance - again. Honey sees through her ex's plan to stop her going out, and he's disappointed when they head off on their date anyway.

Thursday December 6

Alfie gets going on his latest venture - Blue Moon Funerals. He charms Hayley into helping him out and Jean is furious to see  what he's up to.

Later Alfie turns his charm on Kat and makes a touching gesture to show how much he cares. But Jean's not impressed.

Mel quizzes Ray about what he's up to, and takes his warrant card.

Later, she meets up with Maddie again, and this time she reveals the truth about who she is and what she's up to. But Maddie's got some news of her own, that leaves Mel reeling.

Friday December 7

Evie piles on the pressure for Tiff to give Keegan drugs, but Bernadette catches them out. Tiff is eager to apologise to her friend, but when Evie invites Tiff to the pub she insists Bernie comes too - what is she up to?

With Jean and Ian both having a tough time, they find a surprising amount in common when they end up chatting to each other. Ian opens up about losing Lucy, and Jean is sympathetic. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship - or even something more?

EastEnders airs on Monday and Friday at 8pm, and on Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm, on BBC1

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