FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pics

There's a huge family feud heading for Walford

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There’s trouble on the Square when Sharon and Keanu’s blackmailer is revealed, Hayley and Kat have a huge fight, and Dr Legg drops a bombshell…

Monday 22 October 

Karen’s stunned when she sees Keanu and Sharon kissing in the alley by The Vic.

Hayley’s thrown when a social worker arrives to talk to her about the previous week’s events…

Hayley realises it’s Kat who called social services and a huge fight erupts at the Slaters.

Tuesday 23 October 

Hayley goes to stay with the Ahmeds and bonds with baby Harley.

Karen’s fuming when she discovers Sharon and Keanu are being blackmailed and delivers some home truths to Sharon.

Dot goes to the hospital with Dr Legg, but is left upset when he makes a shocking confession.

Thursday 25 October 

Dot struggles with Dr Legg’s bombshell – and it’s left to Max to talk her around.

Keanu thinks he knows who the blackmailer is, and rushes to tell Sharon when his suspicions are confirmed.

Stacey and Kat have a frank conversation about Hayley and her baby – only for Hayley to overhear everything.

Friday 26 October


It’s Bex’s 18th birthday, but all she can think about is how much she’s missing Shakil.

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