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Walford residents panic in the aftermath of the Vic shooting

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Someone’s arrested for the Vic shooting, while things don’t look good for the victim in hospital. Also, Carmel gets a shock visitor, and Max and Rainie are on the rocks…


Residents are reeling after the Vic shooting, but as police close in on a suspect, the victim’s life hangs in the balance.

Carmel is shocked to find Sophie on her doorstep, the mother of the boy who stabbed Shakil…


Accusations are flying around The Vic as people try to work out what happened on the night of the shooting.

Keegan is fuming that Carmel’s been talking to Bruno’s mum and the pair argue.

Hunter gives Ray a tour of Walford, but it soon becomes apparent Ray’s hiding a big secret.


Rainie’s fuming when Max admits to Jack that their marriage is a sham.

Stacey can see Max has feelings for Rainie, but can she persuade him to make things right with his wife?

Kush is furious when Carmel invites Sophie to stay with them, why is she so keen to help a woman she barely knows?


Sophie admits Bruno wants Carmel to visit him prison, but why does he want to see her?

The victim of the shooting takes a turn for the worst in hospital… is this about to become a murder investigation?

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