FIRST LOOK: New Year EastEnders in pictures

There's romance and danger heading for Walford

There’s trouble heading for EastEnders at New Year when drunk Linda finds herself in a desperate situation, while there could be romance on the cards for Honey and Billy…

Linda hits a new low 

Linda continues to lie about what happened on Christmas Day, leaving Mick feeling helpless and her family worried about her.

Excited to see in the New Year at Karen’s party, Linda gets ready to celebrate, but Sharon is worried she is drinking too much.

Sharon’s concerns falls on deaf ears, and Linda hits the bottle in a bid to block out what happened on Christmas Day.

But Linda soon finds herself in a desperate situation.

The next day a furious Mick asks what happened, but before Linda can answer she is sick.

As Mick and Linda talk, Linda is given a wake-up call and promises to be sober for January… but will she stick to her word?

Desperate times for the Mitchells

Following recent events in Walford, secrets and lies continue to simmer away in the Mitchell family.

With more than one family torn apart by the events of the week, an even bigger secret has now formed.

Only time will tell whether it can remain hidden…

Panesar brothers move to Walford 

Adam gets in touch with Honey to tell her the Panesar brothers are moving into the flat.

Ash is fuming to hear her brothers are moving across the road and storms over to confront them.

Ash demands her brothers leave her alone, but they claim they just want to be a part of her life.

However, as tensions rise, an argument breaks out. Will Ash ever get on with her siblings?

Romance for Billy and Honey?

Billy and Honey get closer at Karen’s New Year’s Eve party, and Billy is stunned when Honey kisses him.

Don’t miss the EastEnders hour long special on New Year’s Day at 8pm on BBC One.

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