EastEnders viewers want Jane Beale to return now Bobby is out of prison

Jane left in 2017

Viewers of the BBC soap EastEnders want Jane Beale to return now Bobby is out of prison.

Teenager Bobby Beale was recently released from prison after serving a three year sentence for murdering his half-sister Lucy Beale and attacking mother Jane.

The storyline, which kicked off in April 2014, was one of the biggest ‘whodunnit’ storylines in EastEnders.

Lucy’s body was found on Walford common and for 10 months no one knew who killed her, and there were many suspects.

In a live week in February 2015, it was revealed in flashbacks that Lucy’s little brother had killed her by hitting her over the head with a jewellery box.

Lucy was killed by her brother Bobby (Credit: BBC)

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Bobby’s adopted mum Jane had discovered Lucy’s body and Bobby admitted he hit her.

Jane lied to Ian, Lucy’s twin Peter, and Lucy’s half-sister Cindy that she had killed Bobby.

Ian saw that she was covering for Bobby, though, and Jane admitted to them she moved Lucy’s body and convinced Bobby that he hadn’t killed her.

The Beales decided to keep the circumstances of Lucy’s death a secret from Bobby, the police, and other Walford residents.

Bobby Beale Clay Milner Russell
Bobby recently returned after serving three years in prison (Credit: BBC)

Unfortunately for the Beales, keeping the secret was a lot harder than they expected.

Having overheard Sharon and Phil discussing Lucy’s death, Dennis told Bobby that he did kill his half-sister.

When Ian realised Bobby knew what he’d done, the family decided send Bobby to boarding school to stop the truth coming out.

Later when Bobby returned from boarding school, he overheard Jane saying they couldn’t afford the school fees anymore and Bobby attacked his mother, hitting her with a hockey stick.

As she lay unconscious, Bobby went to The Queen Vic and told Ian in front of everyone that he had killed Jane like he killed Lucy.

Jane tried to cover for Bobby (Credit: BBC)

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He later admitted everything to to the police about both Jane’s attack and how he killed his sister.

Jane ended up leaving Albert Square in 2017 whilst Bobby was in prison.

After Max forced Steven Beale to commit arson by setting fire to the Beales’ restaurant with Jane inside, Max blackmailed Jane by saying if she didn’t leave Walford alone everyone she loved would suffer.

He showed her a video of an unknown prisoner harassing Bobby in his cell.

Fans of the show think Jane should return to Albert Square now that Bobby is back as she played a huge part in his life.

Jane was mentioned briefly in Tuesday night’s episode (25 June) when Ian asked Bobby if he had spoken to her, but Bobby didn’t want to talk about her.

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