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Monday 14th October 2019

EastEnders viewers thrilled to see what dentist Adam has under his shirt

They liked what they saw

In last night's episode (April 4) EastEnders viewers were thrilled as dentist Adam took off his shirt.

Lola and Lexi had dinner with Billy, Honey, Adam, Will and Janet in yesterday's episode.

Things soon took a bit of an awkward turn when Lola told them that Billy had brought them chocolate roll for dessert.

Adam and Honey said they would pass on the dessert and Adam started talking about the amount of rotten teeth he's had to pull out.

Lola and Billy didn't seem that impressed with Adam's dentist talk (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Lola was not impressed by his comments and "accidentally" tipped spaghetti onto his shirt.

When she tried to help him clear it off he yelled at her to "get off".

Adam HELLO #EastEnders

Lola spilled food on Adam (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

He calmed down when Honey told him she could get the stain out.

Honey asked Billy to let Adam borrow a shirt and it was when he was changing that he caught viewers' eye.

Viewers loved shirtless Adam (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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The viewers loved a shirtless Adam.

However, others were quick to point out Adam's dark side was beginning to show after he snapped at Lola.

Adam was introduced last year and it was recently revealed he has a connection to Masood's nieces, Iqra and Habiba.

Adam was fostered by Arshad and Mariam, so that means he would be a 'foster uncle' to sisters, who are Arshad and Mariam's granddaughters.

Adam's topless scene did make fans swoon a little (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

However, it seems Habiba doesn't care that he is with Honey (or that he's technically a part of the family) as it's obvious she has a crush on the dentist.

Habiba has a crush on Adam (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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She kissed him on the cheek but she didn't realise Billy saw them.

Whilst Adam told Habiba he's with Honey, Billy thinks the pair could be having an affair.

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