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Thursday 20th June 2019

EastEnders viewers slam Ben Mitchell for laughable psycho act

They were NOT convinced at all!

Ben Mitchell tried his best to be threatening, sinister and "psychopathic" in last night's EastEnders - but his performance left viewers unconvinced.

In fact, Ben got quite the opposite reaction to what he was hoping to achieve... Fans laughed at him instead!


Has Ben Mitchell read Psychopathy For Dummies? (Credit: BBC)

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On Tuesday night (16 April), Ben felt threatened by the arrival of Lola Pearce's fiancé Ewan and warned him off, telling him how he was a "psycho" who had killed before.

While he hinted that he could easily kill again, fans at home found Ben as "scary as a rice pudding".

In an attempt to scare Ewan off, Ben had a little chat with the newcomer in the cafe.

Ewan was slightly more scared than the BBC viewers (Credit: BBC)

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He explained in a low voice: "Most of the time I am a very nice person. I'm friendly, I'm charming. But sometimes that button gets pushed and you don't want to be in my way when that happens."

This new Ben is about as scary as a rice pudding.

He went on to warn Ewan that he ever contacted Lola again, he would murder him.

He said: "I'm gonna kill you. And then I'm gonna kill that lovely little foster mum of yours. Maybe I'll kill her first and let you watch. Whatever suits you best."

While Ewan agreed to stay away, promising to head home and never contact Lola again, viewers were incredulous.

One fan slammed the soap and the character, saying: #EastEnders. This new Ben is about as scary as a rice pudding. Someone ought to tell the scriptwriters there's more to looking menacing than narrowing the eyes and talking in a whisper. Loser."

Another said: "This stuff with Ben is so not believable, it's rubbish! I'm in hysterics, it's so bad #EastEnders. All the soaps need to cut back the number of episodes to improve the quality of storylines."

Ben threatened Ewan (Credit: BBC)

A third joked: "I would be more scared that Ben is going to start dancing in the living room again #EastEnders."

"I'm sorry, I just can't take the Bentruder™ seriously at all," laughed another. "He's about as threatening as Nando's lemon and herb sauce - a 10 year old could have him in a fight #EastEnders."

Others accused the BBC soap of trying to make Ben like a Kray twin, while others said scriptwriters had "ruined the character" and turned him from a "nuisance to a gangster".

Viewers know that Ben needs Lola to stay in Walford as part of his plot against his dad Phil.

Fans have turned against villain Ben in a big way (Credit: BBC)

Easties fans were shocked last week when Ben got the Mitchell family involved in human trafficking.

He accidentally killed Heather Trott in 2012, when he was just 16.

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