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Tuesday 18th June 2019

EastEnders viewers shocked as baby Cherry appears to give Alfie a very rude gesture!

Do bad manners run in the family?

EastEnders fans watched in disbelief last night as Alfie Moon planned the unthinkable - to flee Walford with baby Cherry.

As the dad considered abandoning his wife Kat Slater and their sons in a bid to keep his daughter with Hayley, many viewers feared for the dire consequences of his actions.

And they weren't the only ones.

Alfie couldn't bring himself to return Cherry (Credit: BBC)

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Because viewers who were watching closely would have seen baby Cherry also making her feelings quite clear on the matter!

As Alfie's mind tossed and turned over what to do - stay and face the possibility of not having access to Cherry, or leave and never see his other kids again - the newborn gave her dad a clear indication of her thoughts on the matter... By holding up two fingers!

In an unscripted and hilarious moment, the baby girl held up her two fingers in the rude gesture - perhaps warning Alfie she didn't agree with his decision to take her away from her mum!?

We think she has her grandmother's manners (Credit: BBC)

Not sure Cherry was happy with your decision #thuglife.

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A fan was quick to notice the tot's secret message and shared the photo on Twitter, saying: "Not sure Cherry was happy with your decision #thuglife."

Perhaps Cherry was protesting against a life on the run, as dad Alfie decided to steal her and jump on the Dover to Calais ferry.

He told a shocked Ian Beale: "We're off. I'm not giving her up. I don't want to hurt anyone but it's the only way I'm going to have that little girl in my life."

He then put Cherry in the back of his vintage car and drove away from Walford, possibly for good.

But fans called out the storyline for being riddled with mistakes, with many wondering how Cherry could leave the country without a passport.

Others just couldn't believe previously doting dad would abandon his other children, with one tweeting: "When did Alfie get cherry's baby passport? And he's just walked away from his 3 boys. Ridiculous storyline #Eastenders."

Baby Cherry wondering what on earth is going on in her life (Credit: BBC)

Some even noticed that Alfie failed to strap baby Cherry into the car securely, writing: "Did anyone notice that in #eastenders Alfie did not secure the baby's car seat in the car????"

A second shared: "Alfie didn't attach that car seat to anything. Like, he put it on the seat n just drove off!"

Will Alfie get across the Channel in one piece? Or will Cherry soon be reunited with her mum Hayley?

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