EastEnders viewers brand Louise Mitchell ‘spoilt’ as she encourages boyfriend Keanu to turn to a life of crime

They weren't impressed with her attitude

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Fans of the BBC soap EastEnders are not impressed with Louise Mitchell and have branded her “spoilt” as she encouraged Keanu to turn to a life of crime for money.

A couple of weeks ago, Louise found out she was expecting Keanu’s baby, but also found out Keanu was paid to go out with her.

Heartbroken, she told him they were over and that she had had an abortion. But when Phil planned to send him away to manage a garage, she realised she wanted to be with him, announced she was still pregnant, and the pair got back together.

Louise and Keanu realised how expensive raising a baby would be (Credit: BBC)

The pair have since been planning for their new arrival but have started to realise how much raising a child costs.

Wanting to earn more money, in last night’s episode (July 1 2019) Keanu approached Louise’s dad, who is also his boss, and asked him for more work to earn money for the baby – but he wasn’t keen on dodgy jobs, after being beaten up in Spain.

Phil offered Keanu a job collecting a stolen car but when Keanu was pulled over by the police for speeding, he ran as they checked the licence plate.

Keanu had to run from the police (Credit: BBC)

After this, Keanu realised he didn’t want to end up in prison and refused to do any more dodgy jobs, vowing to stick to being a mechanic.

Keanu told Louise what had happened, but she shocked viewers when she turned round and said: “Right? And you’re here, you’re alright. Dad would never let you get arrested.”

But when Keanu told her he wanted to be proper dad she said: “We’re getting married babe, we’ve got nothing to live on.”

He told her they’d have his wages, but Louise was not impressed by this.

She then said: “We said we’d get a flat, our own space, a little nursery,” but when Keanu said they would, she replied: “What on mechanic’s wages?”.

Louise wasn’t happy that Keanu didn’t want to do dodgy jobs for Phil (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Louise then said to her beau: “Who do you think pays for that house? The one you’re so happy to come and live in. What, so it’s alright for my dad to take risks?

“Because if you want to be a proper dad, you want to take a look at everything he’s done for me. Everything he’s done for Sharon, for Dennis, for Ben.”

She then turned around and pointed out how Keanu was currently living with his mum and four of his five siblings.

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“You honestly want to live like this for the rest of our lives? Everyone on top of each other, eight of you queuing for a bathroom, not even your own socks.”

Keanu started to defend his family and said: “My mum has struggled,” but Louise cut in saying: “Because if that’s how you want to live, if my dad’s money is too dirty for you, then maybe you’re better off not moving in at all.”

Viewers were not happy with “horrible” Louise, branding her a “spoilt brat” and suggesting she gets a job herself.

In part two of last night’s episode, Louise eventually went to see Keanu and apologised for the things she said about his family and admitted she was worried about money.

She said she understood why he didn’t want to do the job and would rather have him with her and the baby than in prison.

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