EastEnders’ Stuart Highway to murder Dot Cotton this Christmas?

Could Dot become Stuart's latest victim?

EastEnders fans are convinced one of their favourite Walford residents is in grave danger – and, to be fair, they’re probably spot on.

BBC viewers collectively died a little bit inside when Sicko Stuart Highway moved in to Dot Cotton’s home.

After all, isn’t inviting unhinged Stu in her house effectively like signing her own death warrant…?

Dot doesn’t smell danger – probably those fags she’s been smoking (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers have now become convinced that beloved OAP Dot will be killed off this Christmas.

Like a chain-smoking cat with nine lives, she’s survived every imaginary illness her hypochondriac tendencies have thrown at her – and even the stress of a drug addict son.

But could evil Stuart be the one to finish her off?

Dot has no idea what she’s let herself in for (Credit: BBC)

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While viewers know that Stuart is hellbent on tearing the Carter family apart, he has no beef with Dot – but could she be collateral damage in their war?

Having wormed his way into her house, he quickly deduced that her son, Nick, was her weak spot and compared himself to him…

After paying Robbie £500 to go to visit his son in India, Stuart had Dot’s attentions all to himself.

Stuart Highway
Would you let Stuart sleep under the same roof as you? Us neither! (Credit: BBC)

Now fans are scared that sinister Stuart is going to harm poor Dot, with one saying: “Is Stuart gonna kill Dot?!”

Another blasted: “If Stuart harms dot or Robbie or Sonia I will boycott the show. I hope he goes at Christmas.”

A third warned: “Stuart wants to leave Dot alone before I summon the ghost of Nick Cotton! #EastEnders.”

“I do not like seeing Stuart in Dot’s house! If he hurts a hair on her wig, that’s it,” warned another.

However some fans think Stuart might have met his match in Dot!

One fan wrote: “Stuart better beware of Dot she is always the one person who will always burn up any evil she suspects!”

Another added: “I reckon Dot is gonna do Stuart in She’s already done Ethel and Nick.”

“What Stuart doesn’t realise is Dot had a hand in her Nick going on his permanent visit with Jesus,” said a third.

With Mick vowing revenge against Stuart, and a showdown due over Christmas, is Dot safe?

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