Ruby Allen returns to EastEnders! But fans spot a problem…

It's been 12 years...

Ruby Allen made a surprise return to Walford last night – 12 years after she left.

The daughter of gangster Johnny arrived back in Albert Square and wasted no time in seeking out her old best mate Stacey Slater.

And EastEnders fans were touched to see the reunion between businesswoman Ruby (Louisa Lytton) and Stacey (Lacey Turner).

Louise Lytton returned as Ruby Allen in EastEnders
Hello stranger! Ruby returns! (Credit: BBC)

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On Tuesday (18 September), Stacey had no idea that her old ally was back, and was baffled when she was summoned to E20 nightclub by an anonymous text.

Arriving at the deserted nightclub, Stacey turned away disappointed when she didn’t see anybody inside.

However, Ruby suddenly appeared and asked a shocked Stacey: “Not even one little drink then?”

As Stacey looked on in disbelief, Ruby added: “Well hello stranger!”

Ruby Allen and Stacey Slater hug
Ruby and Stacey shared a warm embrace (Credit: BBC)

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Dressed in a fitted silver skirt and smart white blazer, it was clear the years away from Walford had been good to Ruby.

Is she mad returning then? Surely disaster is always just around the corner in EastEnders!

As she and Stacey chatted over cocktails, some fans were happy to see the nostalgic scenes. But others were left scratching their heads…

How did Ruby know Stacey’s mobile phone number after more than a decade?

Ruby Allen and Stacey Slater
Call me, maybe? (Credit: BBC)

Fans pointed out that Stacey must have had the same mobile phone number for 12 years – strange seeing as she was forced to go on the run after stabbing Janine!

One viewer said: “Stacey’s been on the run, had a different identity, and has a new phone, how the hell did Ruby Allen get Stacey’s number?!”

Another added: “Ruby having staceys number after 12 years away even though stacey went on the run for a few years with no number.”

A third said: “But how does Ruby have Stacey’s number, she hasn’t still got the same phone, or have they kept in touch over the years?”

However, it was confirmed during the show, that the pair had not been in contact for 12 years…

A bit of artistic license by the scriptwriters, perhaps?!

Despite her happy return, Ruby is set to become involved in a horrifying rape storyline, which will see her attacker deny all charges.

The actress has been working with Rape Crisis about the plot, which aims to tackle the issue of consent.

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