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Thursday 20th June 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Jay torn between Lola and Ruby

Well, this is awkward!

Jay Brown has got some big decisions to make when he finds himself split between Ruby Allen and ex girlfriend Lola Pearce next week.

With Jay's fleeting romance with Ruby over before it really began, the pair have been spending more time together now that the court case for Ruby's sexual abuse is over.

Jay and Lola hit it off as soon as she arrived back in Walford (Credit: BBC)

But just as it looked like Ruby and Jay might have a chance to get back together, his ex Lola came back to Albert Square and it didn't take long for anyone to realise there is definitely still a spark between them.

However, with Ben banning the pair from spending too much time alone together, Jay and Lola haven't shared more than a quick kiss and a few drinks in the pub.

But just as Jay seemed to want more from Lola, Ben dropped the bombshell that she is engaged to someone else.

Ben dropped the bombshell that Lola is engaged (Credit: BBC)

Next week sees Jay still heartbroken over Lola's lies and the tension between the pair couldn't be more evident.

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To try and take his mind off Lola, Jay decides to try and move on, and when Ruby asks him to share a drink with her to celebrate the fact her attackers, Ross and Matt, have been given their sentences, Jay quickly says yes.

Jay tells Ruby that he wants to get back together (Credit: BBC)

But he's feeling guilty about his kiss with Lola, and ends up confessing everything to Ruby.

While Ruby is surprised by his confession, she is left even more shocked when Jay admits that he wants them to make a go of things again and get their relationship officially back on track.

To Jay's surprise - and hers - Ruby agrees and the pair celebrate.

But their celebrations are soon over when Jay discovers he's needed at the Mitchells' because Louise has been kidnapped.

It's back on! But is Jay using Ruby to forget Lola? (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile Billy is hatching a plan to get his granddaughter to stay in Walford for longer and asks Ruby to give Lola a job.

Ruby agrees, but it is only when Lola and Jay come back to the pub that Ruby realises she has just agreed to give her boyfriend's ex a job!

The pair are pleased to have their relationship back on track (Credit: BBC)

The pair clash from the word go, with Ruby jealous of Lola's history with Jay.

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And when Lola is a hit with one of their clients, Ruby is annoyed and starts to give her new employee all the rubbish jobs to put her off.

Ruby's mortified when she realises she has inadvertently given her boyfriend's ex a job (Credit: BBC)

With Lola and Ruby now working together, can Jay's romance with Ruby really take off? Or will the shadow of Lola always be looming over them?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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