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Tuesday 19th February 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Tiffany Butcher risks Lily Fowler's life as she leaves her with evil drug dealer

The teenager will put the child's life at risk as she gets drawn further into the clutches of Evie's evil gang

Tiffany Butcher is going to put Lily Fowler's life in danger in EastEnders over Christmas.

The troubled teenager is being drawn further and further into a drug gang's clutches in the BBC soap.

Tiffany puts Lily's life in danger and then threatens her to keep quiet (Credit: BBC)

But in the next few weeks she will find herself under the thrall of gang leader Evie Steele with potentially horrifying circumstances.

Viewers have watched in horror as Tiffany has been foolishly delivering drugs for the gang.

She has been manipulated by Evie and Jagger into doing their bidding at risk to herself and friend Bernadette Taylor.

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But now she will put youngster Lily's life in danger.

Giving more orders by Evie, Tiffany agrees to comply and deliver more drugs despite the fact she is babysitting Lily after school.

Instead of refusing to deliver the illegal package for Evie, Tiffany decides to take Lily with her to the dealer.

Bernie is horrified by Tiffany's actions with Lily (Credit: BBC)

And when things go disastrously wrong, Tiffany is forced to leave Lily alone with the dealer.

The eight-year-old is abandoned in serious danger when Tiffany walks out prioritising her drugs deal for Evie over her young charge.

And later it becomes clear how a terrified Lily had hidden the drugs in her own bag and knows full well what Tiffany has been up to.

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But when Tiffany turns nasty to keep Lily quiet, she threatens the terrified kid, and is even horrified by her own behaviour when she sees what she's done to Lily.

Later in the week the guilt becomes too much and Tiffany confides in Bernie, but receives short shrift from her best friend.

But worse is to come when a furious Whitney confronts Tiffany having discovered 'everything'?

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