EastEnders SPOILER: Sonia has shock news about Jean

How will the Slaters react?

Things are set to take a turn for the worst for the Slaters next week when Sonia Fowler makes a devastating revelation about missing Jean.

Ever since Jean disappeared after everyone found out about her cancer scare, the Slaters have been desperately trying to track her down, and next week sees Stacey go to great lengths to get her mum home where she belongs.

Stacey was upset that Jean had kept her health worries to herself (Credit: BBC)

As each day goes by with Jean not getting in touch, Stacey starts to panic that something sinister must have happened and comes up with a surprising plan to persuade the police to get them to up their search.

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But just when it looks like Stacey’s attempts to find Jean are all in vain, everyone is thrilled when Shirley tells them Jean has been in touch and is fine.

The family go to great lengths to make sure the police find Jean (Credit: BBC)

As Shirley tells the Slaters that Jean needs a bit of space to get her head around the fact she could have cancer, everyone is relieved with the news that she is alive and well… everyone that is, but Stacey.

Still struggling with the fact she doesn’t know where her mum is… added to the fact she called Shirley and not her, Stacey is still on a mission to track down her missing mum.

Seeing that Stacey is a woman on the edge, Kat comes up with a plan to get her hands on Jean’s tests results, hoping it might help Stacey to know what is going on with Jean’s health scare.

Stacey isn’t coping well… (Credit: BBC)

Roping in Martin to help, the pair arrive at Jean’s surgery and Kat pretends to be Jean, hoping the staff will hand over the paperwork.

But the plan obviously doesn’t go well, and Kat heads home disappointed.

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However, it’s only when they get back to the Slaters’ that Martin reveals that while Kat was causing a scene he managed to write down Jean’s notes!

Kat and Martin come up with a plan… (Credit: BBC)

Everyone is thrilled, but of course the notes mean nothing to them and so they decide to talk to Sonia as she will have more chance understanding them.

Sonia uses her nursing knowledge to decode the notes, but when she reveals to the family what they mean, no one is prepared for what she tells them…

What has Sonia found in Jean’s notes that is so worrying? And will the Slaters be able to track Jean down before it’s too late?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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