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Monday 24th February 2020

EastEnders SPOILER: Rainie choking horror at hen do

It's almost as if Whitney's relationship is cursed

Rainie Cross is going to put a spanner in the works of Whitney Dean's hen do on EastEnders - when she almost chokes to death.

As doomed as the upcoming marriage, the universe practically screams at Whitney that her relationship with secretly gay Callum Highway is doomed during her last night of freedom.

Rainie somehow manages to choke on a straw (Credit: BBC)

Whitney is going to invite her nearest, dearest and characters that were available to her hen party including drug addict Rainie.

As they all enjoy the celebrations in E20, Rainie manages to make Whitney's night all about herself.

Instead of just enjoying her drink like an adult, Rainie begins to choke on her own straw, causing ensuing chaos.

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Luckily for the former prostitute she is saved from going the same way as the sea turtles in a David Attenborough documentary by quick thinking nurse Sonia Fowler.

Realising that Rainie is choking, she springs into action and puts her years of medical training to good use by saving her life.

The episodes will air on August 29 and 30, shortly before the wedding airs itself.

Ben and Callum are having an affair (Credit: BBC)

But with such a dramatic hen party, how big does the wedding drama have to be?

With Whitney's pink dress, and gay intended, it's set to be a dramatic day as her surrogate mother Bianca Jackson returns for the big day.

Actress Patsy Palmer will return for a limited run of episodes as the big wedding approaches and the inevitable fallout kicks off.

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Fans are convinced Ben Mitchell will confess his feelings for Callum during the wedding and they will run away together leaving Whitney sobbing at the altar.

One said: "@bbceastenders I smell a wedding - not the predicted or suggested one with Callum & Whitney it'll be Callum & Ben! #EastEnders #Ballum"

Another added: "This is clearly going to come out on his supposed wedding day to Whitney about Callum and Ben #EastEnders"

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