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Thursday 18th July 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Police make horrifying discovery that sends Mel Owen reeling

Everything is about to come crashing down for Mel

Mel Owen will be horrified on EastEnders next week when the police make a shock discovery.

The club manager will be sent reeling by the news as the police investigating Ray Kelly's disappearance uncover new evidence.

The police confront Billy to get to Mel (Credit: BBC)

They turn up at E20 demanding to see Mel, forcing Billy Mitchell to call her and tell her she's wanted by the police.

But what have they found? Mel fears the worst once she hears the news and rushes off.

She is determined to remain in control of the situation and tries to find Hunter before the police get to him.

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But when the police do find them they can't believe what the police tell them and it changes everything.

The pair have been harbouring the huge secret that Hunter killed Ray back at New Year during a terrifying showdown in the woods.

Mel is going to decide it is time to cut their losses and admit what really happened the night that Ray died.

Mel and Hunter face the music with the police (Credit: BBC)

But when she tries to confess she realises she can't without losing her son forever, and decides to flee Walford instead.

Deciding that their only option is to move away from Walford, Mel puts her new plan into action by trying to sell her share of the E20 to Phil.

Terrified at what her son might do next, Mel decides to take Phil's offer for the club and tells her son they are leaving Albert Square.

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Hunter eventually realises that she only has his best interests at heart and agrees that they should leave Walford as soon as possible.

But will they be able to leave before the police catch them?

Or will someone else discover what they did and force them to face justice?

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