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Monday 14th October 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Ben's plan goes wrong when Phil makes an announcement

Ben is trying to destroy his dad

Ben's plan starts to go wrong when Phil makes an announcement in next week's EastEnders.

He arrived back on Albert Square last week with Lola and their daughter Lexi.

Although the pair haven't been back long, Ben's made it clear he's back to fleece his dad out of his money but last week Phil told him he was broke.

Lola was set to leave but Ben told her he would build the business up, take Phil's money and his happiness

Ben struggles to get Lola back on his side (Credit: BBC)

Next week he struggles to get her back on his side and reminds her that she needs the money for a new life.

Ben arranges a Mitchell brunch and he is thrilled when Phil tells them they can move forward with their plans for the business.

However, Ben's happiness is short-lived when Jay and Keanu arrive.

Things only get worse for the young businessman when Phil makes an announcement... Keanu will be working with them too.

Keanu has been working at The Arches for Phil (Credit: BBC)

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With Ben already wound up, he senses Jay and Lola are getting too close and drops a bombshell on Jay.

Keanu has been working at the Arches and doing business for Phil Mitchell since last year.

He recently returned from Spain. When he went back to The Arches, he and Phil were visited by Phil's associate Danny and revealed Keanu fought off six Spanish men and branded him a "legend".

Danny branded Keanu a "legend" (Credit: YouTube/EastEnders)

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He soon realised he was followed back by a man named Midge who was part of the group he fought off in Spain.

And when Midge got too close to Phil's daughter Louise, Keanu was tasked with looking after the teenager.

However, when he rejects her next week he puts her in danger.

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