EastEnders SPOILER: Mick Carter murdered by Stuart Highway in shock shooting?

Bye Bye Mick?

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Next week, the toxic friendship between Mick Carter and Stuart Highway finally comes to a terrifying head.

After months of terrorising the Carter family, Stuart returns to the Square with one thing on his twisted mind – revenge.

The dramatic EastEnders trailer, released earlier this week, tells us that a gun is fired in Walford during a tense showdown.

Don’t make Mick angry, you won’t like him when he’s angry… (Credit: BBC)

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But who pulls the trigger and who gets hit by the flying bullet?

We know the fateful night begins with everyone innocently heading to bed, while an unsettled Mick takes Lady Di for a walk.

But how does the evening end?

According to an insider talking to the TV Times, Stuart has sneaked into the pub and is hiding inside with dangerous plans for his enemies.

Is Stuart about to get his deadly revenge? (Credit: BBC)

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The ‘mole’ also reveals that Stuart has paid Dennis to do another ‘job’… Hiding something for childhood friend Mick.

Quotes printed in the magazine say: “A gunshot rings out, and panic ensues. An ambulance and the police arrive, and later, someone is arrested.”

Stuart’s sinister payback plan kicks off earlier in the week when he sends Mick a video, which leaves the pub landlord furious and hurtling towards Stu’s for a confrontation.

Stuart Highway in EastEnders
Stuart is on a mission… (Credit: BBC)

But Mick is stunned when he arrives to find his former childhood friend has laid out the tools he wants Mick to use to get his revenge. Errrr, that’s sick!

Despite being goaded to use the instruments for torture, Mick decides to be the better man and walk away – that is until Stuart winds him up even further and pushes Mick to finally explode.

After a heated argument, it’s clear Stuart won’t stop until blood is spilled.

Meanwhile Tina is also left horrified when she discovers that Stuart’s other victim, Dylan, has retracted his statement against the bully.

Tina discovers that Dylan has retracted his statement (Credit: BBC)

She’s confused until she discovers that Stuart has been terrorising him and making him fear for his life.

Understandably, kind-hearted Tina suggests he spends the night at the Vic…

With all the focus on the Queen Vic, the trailer certainly hints that one of the Carter family could be killed off in the explosive scenes.

Or do the Carters decide to deal with their tormentor themselves by taking the law into their own hands?

One thing is for sure, if villainous Stuart is finally killed off, they’ll be a party in Walford!

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