EastEnders SPOILER: Mel’s ex arrives in Walford

He's summoned by Hunter who is playing a dangerous game with Jack Branning

Mel Owen gets a surprise next week when her ex-husband Ray Kelly arrives in Albert Square. But why is he there?

Ray’s timing couldn’t be worse as Mel’s current love interest Jack Branning is planning on asking her to marry him.

Mel is rattled when Ray arrives in Walford (Credit: BBC)

Jack’s given the idea when his daughter Amy starts asking questions about when he’s going to marry Mel and – after a visit to his dead wife Ronnie Mitchell’s grave – he decides the time is right.

Jack has a chat with Mel’s teenage son Hunter and is pleasantly surprised by his reaction.

But Jack should really know better than to trust Hunter and the teen gets straight on the phone to his former step-dad.

Hunter also lets slip to his mum that Jack is planning to propose, ruining Jack’s surprise.

As his proposal plan backfires, Jack and Mel end up having a surprising heart-to-heart chat instead.

They’re soon back on track and Mel, realising what a good man Jack is, teases him about asking the question he’s been planning to ask her.

Ray and Jack shake hands but will the friendliness last? (Credit: BBC)

But as Jack waits nervously for Mel’s response Ray arrives leaving her gobsmacked.

It doesn’t take them long to realise that Hunter is behind Ray’s sudden arrival and Ray leaves the club but Mel’s panic about his arrival confuses Jack.

She covers by saying she’s concerned about Hunter’s feelings but is there more behind it? Could she have unfinished business with Ray?

When she gets home Hunter is still awake and she takes his phone off him before calling Ray herself. What does she want from him?

It was revealed earlier this summer that Ray would be coming to Walford.

But now Hunter Owen’s former step-dad will be brought to Walford just when everything is going well for her.

A source told the Metro: “She really shouldn’t trust Ray and he will make his presence felt immediately after arriving.

“He’s got charm and charisma but given his family ties to Ciara, he is not to be messed with and he has an agenda.

“Ray’s arrival will have a massive impact on Jack, Mel, Hunter and others in Walford.”

Jack plans to propose to Mel (Credit: BBC)

Mel’s sister-in-law was a formidable foe who left Mel and even Sharon Mitchell terrified.

She forced Sharon to confess to stealing the heist money and made Mel get it back.

So if he is even a fraction as terrifying as Ciara, who handled her ex Aidan easily enough, then Mel should be worried.

Ray is set to clash with Albert Square’s resident hardman Phil Mitchell when he’s brought there by Hunter.

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EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One

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