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Thursday 18th July 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Mel and Hunter to leave Walford

Can they run away from the truth?

Mel and Hunter Owen decide it's time to pack their bags and leave Walford next week as the truth about what happened to Ray starts to catch up with them.

The pair have been harbouring the huge secret that Hunter killed Ray back at New Year during a terrifying showdown in the woods. But the walls are starting to close in on the mother and son duo.

Mel doesn't take too kindly to Maddie's visit (Credit: BBC)

Next week sees Mel decide it is time to cut their losses and admit what really happened the night that Ray died. She even goes as far as writing down exactly what happened... reassuring Hunter that this is the only option they have got left.

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But her plan to confess to the police starts to unravel when Maddie turns up at the nightclub office, demanding money.

Mel is fuming to see one of Ray's other wives again and refuses to give her cash, but when Maddie makes a snide remark about Hunter, Mel sees red and slams her up against the wall... leaving Maddie terrified and Billy, who has witnessed the whole thing, stunned.

Mel's behaviour leaves Maddie scared (Credit: BBC)

The nightclub owner is quick to apologise to Billy, but her actions make her realise that she can't confess what happened to Ray after all, and she goes home to find Hunter to tell him the news.

But when she finds out where he has been, she's left shocked. What has he been up to now?

Deciding that their only option is to move away from Walford, Mel puts her new plan into action by trying to sell her share of the E20 to Phil.

Mel tries to sell her share of the club to Phil (Credit: BBC)

But before the pair can make a deal, Hunter calls to tell his mum the police have arrived at their house.

Mel dashes back before Hunter says something that he shouldn't, and is shocked when the police reveal that it is Hunter they want to talk about and not her.

The police catch up with Mel and Hunter (Credit: BBC)

Terrified at what her son might do next, Mel decides to take Phil's offer for the club, despite the fact it is shockingly low, and tells her son they are leaving Albert Square.

Hunter isn't keen at first, and as his behaviour continues to spiral out of control, Mel worries and decides to hide all the knives in the house.

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Hunter isn't impressed with his mum's overbearing behaviour, but realises that she only has his best interests at heart. He agrees that they should leave Walford and the pair prepare for their departure.

Can Mel and Hunter leave Walford without anyone realising what they have done? (Credit: BBC)

But will they manage to escape before the law catches up with them?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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