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Friday 6th December 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Max lashes out as he and Stacey grow closer

Will he get baby Abi back?

Stacey Fowler is growing closer to Max Branning again in EastEnders as she steps in to help him deal with his anger over Rainie.

Max's world has been falling apart since Rainie took baby Abi away from him.

And now she's given Jack an alibi to the police in return for him forgetting about his stolen cash, Max wants her to hand over Abi too.

He's drinking heavily and in Tuesday night's episode (July 23) things get physical with Ian when Max demands to see Abi.

Max takes his anger out on Ian (Credit: BBC)

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Max spots Rainie on the Square and desperate to see his grandaughter, he races to confront her.

But Ian stands in his way and as Max gets more and more furious, he grabs Ian by the throat and gets threatening.

A passing Stacey is forced to intervene as things get out of hand - but can she calm him down?

Stacey can't quite escape her feelings for Max (Credit: BBC)

And is there more to her concern than just helping out a troubled friend?

ED! has already revealed Stacey's marriage to Martin Fowler will come under threat from Max once again.

Things have been tense between Stacey and Martin for weeks thanks to Stacey's rift with Kat Moon.

Stacey and Kat have been fighting for weeks (Credit: BBC)

The pair have been at loggerheads over Kush Kazemi's decision to fight the Fowlers for custody of little Arthur, the son he shares with Stacey... and the fighting has started to take its toll on Martin and Stacey's marriage.

Tomorrow night also sees Stacey decide to organise a romantic meal for her husband in an attempt to make things up to him.

But the incident with Max soon takes priority.

Max isn't coping without granddaughter Abi (Credit: BBC)

When Max then hurts his hand on some broken glass from a picture frame, Stacey tends to his wounds and makes a shocking discovery as she helps him.

As Max totally breaks down, Stacey ignores Martin's calls as she supports her friend in his moment of need.

And when she finally does speak to her husband, she is shocked at how understanding he is about what is going on, and tells her it doesn't matter she's missed their date-night dinner.

Max hurts himself next week but Stacey is there to help (Credit: BBC)

But while Stacey is at the Brannings' looking after Max, little does she know Martin is across the Square, glaring at the house that his wife is inside with her former flame.

And it seems Martin is right to be worried, because after Max's shocking admission Stacey ends up staying the night.

But was her sleepover innocent enough? Or is there something more happening between her and Max?

Max and Ruby get closer next week (Credit: BBC)

Stacey is horrified when she wakes up and races home.

Martin isn't happy and Stacey promises to make it up to him with another meal, but when he realises she has made extra for Max, Martin can't help but be angry.

As Martin hides his upset, Stacey heads to Max's to deliver his dinner. But nothing can prepare her for what she finds when she arrives... Ruby Allen!

The pair have a new-found respect for one another - but Stacey isn't happy (Credit: BBC)

It seems Ruby and Max have grown closer as Max helped business owner Ruby with her accounts, and they're surprised to start seeing one another in a new light.

But Stacey isn't happy when she sees the pair together, and Ruby is thrown by her reaction, convinced that there's more to her best friend's behaviour than she is letting on.

Stacey isn't happy that her best friend is getting closer to Max (Credit: BBC)

Max explains his history with Stacey and all becomes clear to Ruby, leaving her suddenly feeling awkward. But will it change how she feels about Max?

Stacey is jealous of Ruby's connection with Max (Credit: BBC)

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Stacey is clearly jealous about Ruby and Max's kiss. But where does this leave her marriage to Martin?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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