EastEnders SPOILER: Linda spends the night with Stuart

The pair are growing closer and Shirley's not happy

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EastEnders Linda Carter continues to shun her family in favour of Stuart Highway and his lies next week.

But as Shirley returns to the fold, can she make her daughter-in-law see sense about where her allegiances should really lie?

Shirley and her super-stare are back (Credit: BBC)

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Tina, Whitney and Halfway are getting nowhere as they try to pressure Linda to visit Mick in prison and at least hear what he has to say. But Linda refuses to listen and won’t take back her wedding ring.

When Stuart arrives at The Vic, Tina let’s rip, but Linda once again defends him and asks him to stay. Whitney tries to make a stand for Mick (of course she does) by getting the punters on side, but Linda stands firm.

Linda continues to defend Stuart (Credit: BBC)

Shirley arrives back the next day and is horrified when she finds out everything that’s gone on in her absence.

She loses it with Linda, then lashes out at Stuart when he turns up, and assures Tina they’ll do all they can to help Mick.

Shirl contacts Phil to ask him to get Ritchie back on side as Mick’s solicitor and he assures her he’ll sort it when he’s back – later in the week!

Shirley chucks Linda and all her pink out (Credit: BBC)

Shirley and Tina then return to the pub supposedly to collect their belongings, but in a twist, Shirl hurls Linda’s things over the bar and kicks her and Stuart out!

Linda growls at Shirley – but then leaves with Stuart (Credit: BBC)

Unable to do anything, Linda heads off and spends the night at Stuart’s – but will anything happen between them?

The next day, Linda wants her home back and storms into The Vic with the police.

Linda and Stuart call the police on Shirley (Credit: BBC)

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The cops tell Shirl she can’t chuck Linda out, but it’s not long before things get out of control…

With Linda seemingly falling further under Stuart’s spell, can anyone make her see exactly what he’s up to?

Fans are livid with the Carter matriach for turning her back on Mick when he needs her most, but can she really ditch her husband after all their years together? Does she really and truly believe Stuart’s lies 100 percent?

Mick’s been suffering in prison and having Linda turn her back on him has destroyed him.

Even with Shirley’s backing, can Mick find it in him to fight without the support of his L?

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