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Friday 6th December 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Kat in danger as Phil confronts her

Will she confess the truth?

Kat Slater had better watch out, Phil Mitchell is coming for her.

Fans of EastEnders have been left horrified this week as Ben Mitchell sets Keanu Taylor up for the attack on Phil Mitchell.

Viewers know - and Ben knows - that it was Stacey Fowler who walloped Phil over the head with a spanner.

Ben even tried to kill Phil himself (Credit: BBC)

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But Ben has done a convincing job in framing Keanu and even the police think the mechanic is their man.

But with Phil on the mend on Monday August 19, he's back on the Square.

What does Phil know? (Credit: BBC)

It doesn't take him long to start remembering the details from the day of his attack - which means the Slaters could be in A LOT of trouble...

With Stacey and Martin having fled, a fuming Phil confronts Kat, but will he rumble what really happened?

Kat's pretty terrified - and rightly so! (Credit: BBC)

Or will a terrified Kat manage to keep the truth hidden?

Can the woman with a mouth as big as the Blackwall Tunnel talk her way out of this one?

Will Kat confess? (Credit: BBC)

And will the truth coming out clear Keanu's name?

He's arguably made it worse for himself by deciding to flee Walford.

Keanu was arrested after being framed by rival Ben (Credit: BBC)

After discovering he was the dad of Sharon's baby as well as fiancée Louise's, Keanu was all of a spin.

He saw the DNA test results that prove Phil is not the father and was forced to come to terms with the fact he's soon going to be a daddy of two.

And as the cops came looking for Keanu, armed with yet more evidence planted by a vengeful Ben, Keanu told Louise he had to disappear to avoid being sent to prison for something he didn't do.

Louise went with her man (Credit: BBC)

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Although she initially vowed to stay with her family, she soon changed her mind, declaring her love for Keanu at the station before leaving with him.

Phil's not going to be very happy his beloved daughter has run away, but can he clear Keanu's name to pave the way for their return?

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