EastEnders SPOILER: Jean makes a new enemy as Adrian Edmondson arrives

Newcomer Daniel rubs Jean up the wrong way

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Jean Slater’s latest chemotherapy appointment takes a surprising turn in next week’s EastEnders when she falls out with newcomer Daniel Cook.

Ever since she started her treatment for ovarian cancer, Jean has been getting on with her chemo sessions with her loved ones by her side.

Jean falls out with fellow patient Daniel next week (Credit: BBC)

But next week’s EastEnders sees Jean’s feisty side emerge when she becomes increasingly irritated by a new face in the hospital.

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It was revealed by EastEnders bosses at the start of last month that the role of Daniel Cook would be played by legendary actor Adrian Edmondson, and that his character would become a unique support for Jean while she goes through her treatment.

Daniel has the ability to rub Jean up the wrong way (Credit: BBC)

But it doesn’t sound like the pair get off to the best of starts when Jean gets so irritated by Daniel’s presence that she snaps at him during a hospital appointment next week.

Stacey is stunned by her mum’s behaviour because it’s so out of character, and decides that she needs to have a word with Daniel herself.

Daniel gets a telling off from Stacey (Credit: BBC)

Stacey confronts the newcomer and tells him to leave Jean alone, but the attention only embarrasses Jean and she ends up asking Stacey to leave.

But while Stacey heads home and confides in best friend Ruby about her mum’s odd behaviour, Jean is left at the hospital with Daniel, and he’s still annoying her.

Jean is fuming when she realises Daniel has stolen her book (Credit: BBC)

She’s frustrated when she can’t find her book and makes a search of the whole of the oncology unit.

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But of course, Daniel is to blame again, and she is fuming when she discovers her new nemesis with her beloved book.

Although they get off to a bad start, Jean and Daniel are set to become close (Credit: BBC)

Jean can’t take any more and storms off, leaving Daniel to realise that he has pushed her too far… but with a close relationship reportedly on the cards for the pair how long will it be before Jean starts to soften?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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