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Sunday 8th December 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Jay catches Ben trying to kill Phil

Can he stop him?

Ben Mitchell has gone to extreme lengths to frame Keanu Taylor for attacking Phil Mitchell in EastEnders.

And now he looks set to take matters into his own hands and off his own father...

Ben's tried to show concern for his dad (Credit: BBC)

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Tuesday night sees Jay Mitchell make a very dark discovery when he catches Ben in the act of trying to MURDER Phil.

With Ben spending most of Monday's episode (August 5) trying to keep up his lies, make sure the police focused on Keanu, and play the concerned son, things took a horrifying turn.

Half of Walford already think Ben attacked Phil, given his past history, not to mention Ben's discovery he'd been removed from Phil's will in favour of Keanu.

But the police have arrested Keanu after his alibi didn't hold up.

Meanwhile, Lola told Jay she thought Ben might be about to do something stupid, the scene cut to Ben in his dad's hospital room.

Ben is about to end his father's life... (Credit: BBC)

"Everyone thinks I did this to you, you know," Ben said as he coldly loomed over Phil.

"So why don't I just finish the job?"

As his hand hovered over Phil's breathing tubes, Ben continued: "Look at me dad, a chip off the old block after all. Are you proud of me now?" before the infamous duff duff's sounded.

Tomorrow night's outing (Tuesday August 6) to Walford, sees Jay walk in in the nick of time after Lola's warning caused him to act.

Ben lashes out at Jay (Credit: BBC)

He is horrified to see Ben tampering with Phil's breathing equipment and desperately tries to stop him.

Ben lashes out and punches Jay, but will it bring him to his senses?

He punches his 'brother' (Credit: BBC)

Will Ben go through with his plan to end his dad? Or can Jay make him see sense?

Ben's already nearing the point of no return when it comes to father/son relations.

After Stacey Fowler walloped Phil over the head with a wrench to stop her husband Martin from getting a beating, Ben stumbled upon them plotting to avoid getting caught.

Ben found his dad Phil injured in the garage car pit (Credit: BBC)

But instead of rushing to his father's aid, opportunist Ben saw the chance to work the tragic situation to his advantage.

Furious that Phil has written him out of his will, Ben decided to exact a spot of revenge...

After threatening Kat, Stacey and Martin with a gun to keep quiet, he decided to leave Phil to meet a grisly end in the garage pit.

Ben pulled a gun on Stacey, Martin and Kat warning them to keep quiet (Credit: BBC)

Conniving Ben then set about FRAMING Keanu Taylor for the attack, wrapping up the weapon in Keanu's overalls and hiding the evidence behind some tyres.

After some time, Ben DID call the emergency services, putting on an Oscar-worthy performance as a grief-stricken son.

As the forensics team arrived and found the weapon, Ben told the police: "There was an argument. I thought I saw someone running away.

"This is ridiculous. He can't have anything to do with all of this. He works with us, he's one of us. Keanu. Keanu Taylor."

Ben Mitchell, you really are a piece of work! (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers were in shock by Ben's actions, with some calling him "evil", "a lying dirty rat" and "horrible".

Others thought the episode was "mind-blowing".

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