EastEnders SPOILER: Hayley’s baby secret is revealed at last!

She tells one member of the Slater clan she's expecting. But who does she confide in?

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Pregnant Hayley Slater finally tells someone in her family that’s she’s expecting next week – so who’s the lucky person?

It’s actually Jean, who finds an upset Hayley wondering what sort of mother she’ll be after Hope’s christening party.

Hayley tells Jean she’s pregnant (Credit: BBC)

Jean’s confused, not understanding what Hayley’s talking about until she reveals that she’s pregnant and the baby’s due in October.

Shocked, Jean tells Hayley that she needs to tell the baby’s father, but Hayley refuses, saying he thinks she’s had a termination.

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Jean tries to convince her that he’ll more than likely come round, but she needs to give him a chance, but Hayley isn’t budging and explains the situation is a bit of a mess.

Kind-hearted Jean insists that Hayley needs to go on a health kick for the sake of the baby, to Hayley’s horror.

Jean talks to Hayley about the pregnancy (Credit: BBC)

She’s left stunned though when Hayley and Kat tell her they’re going out on the moped, determined to learn some routes for The Knowledge.

Their plan goes badly wrong though when they’re involved in an accident and both come off the bike.

Luckily they both escape uninjured but when Hayley has a funny turn, Kat and Jean both insist she goes to A&E to get check over.

Hayley panics that Kat might find out she’s pregnant so goes to dramatic lengths to keep her away.

She’s pleased to find out that the baby is ok, but soon Jean is putting more pressure on her to tell the father.

Will she crack and reveal who the true baby daddy is?

Will Hayley reveal all? (Credit: BBC)

Fans were shocked earlier this year when it was revealed that Hayley was pregnant with her cousin Kat’s husband’s baby when she met up with her mystery man in a hotel room.

Alfie answered the door and it was confirmed the pair had had a one night stand after he and Kat had separated.

It was also revealed the reason Kat came back to Walford and left Alfie and her three sons in Spain was because Ernie had been badly burned in an accident while Kat was ‘entertaining’ another man upstairs.

Alfie is Hayley’s baby daddy (Credit: BBC)

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Alfie will be returning to the soap later this year and there are sure to be fireworks when he learns that Hayley hasn’t had a termination.

Is she secretly hoping she’ll get to play happy families with Alfie and Kat’s kids?

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