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Monday 20th January 2020

EastEnders SPOILER: Bianca urges Whitney to call off the wedding

She knows Callum is gay

This week's EastEnders has got off to an explosive start as Bianca Jackson has returned and discovered Callum Highway's secret.

Bianca's stepdaughter, Whitney Dean, is preparing to wed Callum, but last week she discovered her hubby-to-be had cheated on her with Ben Mitchell.

Determined she will get her happy ending, Whitney is forging ahead with the wedding, but she didn't count on Ben showing up at the venue.

Whitney was trying to hold it all together as she prepared to say 'I do', but Bianca, whose arrival has already caused chaos, was quick to realise something was up.

Will Ben do as he's told? (Credit: BBC)

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Whit arrived at the venue and, stunned to see Ben was there, demanded he leave immediately.

Bianca became suspicious straight away and wanted to know the truth - working out that Callum is gay,

Worried that Whitney is pushing ahead with the marriage with no chance it can ever be successful, Bianca begged her stepdaughter to reconsider.

Whitney's sick feeling isn't just pre-wedding jitters (Credit: BBC)

With the words of wisdom weighing heavily on her mind, Whitney is left facing a huge decision.

Can she go ahead with marrying someone she knows in her heart is gay?

If she does, will Callum stay faithful to her? Or will his true feelings be just too strong to deny?

Whitney will make her decision on Tuesday September 2.

Decision time (Credit: BBC)

And with Ben turning up at the wedding, does this add fuel to the fire that he's the one who's set to die later in the week?

Fans are convinced Whitney will murder him after her chilling threat in Friday's episode.

Fans think Whitney will murder Ben (Credit: BBC)

Devastated by Callum's confession that he slept with Ben, Whitney decided she needed to make Ben suffer and went to confront him.

Barging into his house and telling him she wanted to "compare notes", Whitney launched into a blistering rant against Ben.

But then her rage took a sinister turn when she threatened to kill Ben - and meant every word of it.

"He's just another person to manipulate," she added.

"You stay away from us or I swear to God I will kill you."

Ben stoked the fire by asking her how she could marry him, but she insisted she would regardless of what he had done.

She said: "Because I love him and I deserve to be happy. I ain't going to let you ruin that for me."

The three characters are at the centre of the huge wedding week (Credit: BBC)

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With a death confirmed for Walford this, fans are now concerned Ben will be the one to die - with Whitney being responsible.

One said: "I've felt for a while and even more so with what Whitney said tonight that all this is leading to a Who Killed Ben? He's[bleeped] off every character in the square since his return that anyone could be a suspect."

A second said: "Guarantee that EastEnders are leading up to a 'who done it?' with Ben Mitchell (he will probably be killed) and then it'll be between Keanu, Louise, Callum, Phil, Stuart and Whitney for who killed him."

Another added: "Wonder if it is Ben that gets killed as Pam [Coker] is back for a few episodes. Could she be back for his funeral?"

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