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Tuesday 21st January 2020

EastEnders' Sharon gets a shock when DNA test results arrive TONIGHT

Who's the daddy?

The true identity of Sharon's baby's father is revealed in tonight's EastEnders as the DNA test results come back... but is it Phil or Keanu?

For weeks Sharon Mitchell has been wondering if her unborn baby's father is husband Phil Mitchell or her secret toyboy lover Keanu Taylor.

Sharon was horrified to find she was pregnant recently (Credit: BBC)

While she has remained adamant to Keanu that Phil is her baby's daddy, she clearly wasn't as sure as she made out and sent off for a DNA test to work out the truth.

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And tonight's episode (Monday July 29) sees the results come back... and Sharon is set to be left stunned by what they reveal.

Sharon is desperate to find out who the father of her baby is (Credit: BBC)

As the post arrives, Sharon is shaking with nerves as she opens the envelope, knowing that whatever the contents reveal, her world is about to change forever.

While the true ideality of the dad is being kept well under wraps, it seems whatever the test results reveal leaves Sharon shaken to the core, because even Phil picks up on her out-of-sorts behaviour later in the week.

The truth is out! But who is the daddy? (Credit: BBC)

Thinking that Sharon is taking on too much in her delicate state, Phil is determined to lighten her load and asks Ben for help at the club.

But while at first Ben isn't happy about being put to work at E20, he soon realises what a goldmine it could be and gets into the swing of things.

Phil realises Sharon isn't herself next week (Credit: BBC)

However, his good mood is about to be brought crashing down when Sharon misunderstands a conversation between them and thinks he knows all about Phil cutting him out of his will.

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With Sharon's mind in a muddle over the DNA results, she isn't thinking straight when she chats with Ben, and before she knows what is happening, Ben knows all about the changes Phil has made to his will.

Sharon lets slip that Phil changed his will - inadvertently landing him in grave danger (Credit: BBC)

Seeing red, Ben is on the warpath and goes to find Keanu for revenge, but it seems Phil is the one who should be worried.

Later that evening, Phil finds himself caught up in a vicious attack at the Archers, and when things get dangerously out of hand, Mr Mitchell ends up seriously injured and fighting for his life.

But who attacks Phil? Could it be Ben, or is there another culprit entirely?

Phil will be left fighting for his life next week (Credit: BBC)

With Sharon having only just found out who the father of her baby is, could her world be shattered once again if Phil is left to die, leaving her all alone and facing life as a single mum?

Or is Keanu the father of her baby, meaning he will be playing dad to two Mitchell babies born within weeks of one another?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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