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Monday 14th October 2019

EastEnders schedule changed for The FA Cup

The episode will air the day before

EastEnders fans may be disappointed to hear that this Friday's (25.01.19) has been moved.

Instead on Friday, BBC One viewers will be able to watch the FA cup match Arsenal versus Manchester United. The match coverage will air from 7:30pm till 10pm.

Tonight there will be a double bill of EastEnders from 7:30-8pm then 8:30-9pm.

The episode will air on Thursday instead (Credit: BBC)

So far this week Mick has been at war with Megan who was angry the football team had finished. She wound him up as he played football with Ollie.

Mick realised he was going to have to agree to coach the football team again to shut her up.

When Mick returned home Linda was pleased to see he was more positive and even wanted to speak to Johnny and Nancy after earlier refusing to take their calls.

Mick and Megan at war (Credit: BBC)

On Tuesday Keanu was suspicious when Phil asked him to work on a car discretely.

Phil was so keen to keep Keanu alone in the Arches he stopped Louise going to visit him.

When Lou was clearly annoyed, Phil tried to make it up to her by inviting Keanu to dinner, but Keanu insisted he couldn't pursue his brother's ex.

Keanu is suspicious when Phil asks him to work on a car discretely (Credit: BBC)

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Alfie meanwhile was feeling the pressure of his lies and things got worse when Ian was forced to withdraw his investment.

Alfie's money trouble worsened when bailiffs arrived and took the fireplace away.

The fireplace is taken (Credit: BBC)

Kat berated Alfie and accused him of not fulfilling his promises yet again.

Alfie went to Phil and made him an offer desperate for cash.

After securing a loan, using whatever means he could, Alfie arranged a Slater family meal to celebrate. However, things weren't all they seemed and Alfie later texted Kat saying he was in trouble.

In tonight's first episode Phil's worried about Louise and is unsure how to handle her.

Phil finds Keegan and asks him to give Keanu and Louise his blessing. Keegan agrees in exchange for cash.

Keegan agrees in exchange for cash (Credit: BBC)

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Mo is furious as the bailiffs take more things from the house. Then the police arrive with some shocking news for Kat.

Denise tells Patrick she's lost her job. He tries his best to cheer her up.

In the second episode Louise is mortified when she finds out Phil's been meddling and desperately tries to apologise to Keanu.

After a heart to heart with Bernadette, Louise snubs Keanu when he tries to let her down gently and she leaves.

Ernie ate half of the note (Credit: BBC)

Kat is stunned to find half a message from Alfie on a post-it not, but despairs when Ernie says he's eaten the other part.

As Kat and Stacey start hunting frantically for other clues, Phil turns up at the Slaters' demanding answers about Alfie's disappearance.

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