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Sunday 23rd February 2020

EastEnders fans laugh as Phil Mitchell confesses to Keanu's murder in front of his taxi driver

He doesn't care who knows now, it seems

Soap fans couldn't believe their ears last night as Phil Mitchell confessed to killing Keanu Taylor to a taxi driver in EastEnders.

As he tried to escape abroad with ex wife Lisa Fowler, their daughter Louise Mitchell and granddaughter Peggy, Phil was told son Ben wouldn't be joining them.

Instead he needed to stay in Walford for his daughter Lexi and boyfriend Callum Highway.

But when Phil told him he was proud of him the touching moment had viewers in hysterics as Phil insisted he blame him for Keanu's death.

Fans couldn't believe the family just discussed the murder in front of the taxi driver (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers were left laughing watching the episode as Phil openly admitted to the scheme to kill Keanu in the cab.

In earshot of the cab driver, Phil told Ben: "When the old bill come for you, which they will, I want you to tell them it was all me.

Sat there discussing the murder in front of the cab driver!

"You put your life on the line for me and you stepped up and I'm grateful. And I'm proud.

"I'm proud you're my boy. You deserve to be happy so just remember it was all me."

Phil left the Square with Lisa and Louise (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers couldn't believe Phil would just openly create a witness like that and it had them chuckling at home.

One said: "Phil Mitchell to Cabbie. 'Driver, you heard the woman, drive on'. Er... he also just just heard you confess to murder, Phil.😂😂 #EastEnders"

A second laughed: "Sat there discussing the murder in front of the cab driver 😂 #EastEnders"

A third added: "And now the cab driver is number one prime witness #EastEnders"

Viewers know Keanu actually faked his own death but in the soap only Martin Fowler, Linda Carter, Sharon Mitchell and Karen Taylor know the truth.

However with more and more people discovering the truth, it's set to explode next month in time for the 35th anniversary.

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