EastEnders’ Mel Owen dies in shocking crash twist

Mel died after being hit by a lorry

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Viewers of EastEnders were left mind blown by Mel Owen’s shock death in last night (November 14 2019).

In Tuesday night’s episode of the BBC soap (November 12 2019), viewers were left wondering what happened to Mel as she got into a car accident during a car chase with Sharon Mitchell.

During the chase, Mel went straight into the back of another car, leading the car to flip over as a shocked Sharon looked on.

Mel Owen in car crash
Mel crashed Louise’s car (Credit: BBC)

On Thursday night, Sharon desperately tried to get Mel out of the car after spotting it was on fire and about to explode.

While Sharon was trying to help, Mel kept ‘hearing’ her deceased son Hunter calling her name.

Once Sharon managed to pull Mel from the wreckage, the car exploded.

Although it looked like everyone had survived, Mel told Sharon when she was in the car she could hear and see Hunter.

Mel told Sharon she could see and hear Hunter in the car EastEnders
Mel told Sharon she could see and hear Hunter in the car (Credit: BBC)

Sharon tried to convince the businesswoman that her mind was playing tricks on her, but Mel was adamant about Hunter being in the car and began walking back to the wreckage.

As she walked back, she went straight into the path of an oncoming lorry.

A short while later, viewers saw Mel’s body being covered and Albert Square residents were informed that Mel had died.

Mel walked into the path of an oncoming lorry EastEnders
Mel walked into the path of an oncoming lorry (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers were shocked by the twist in her death plot…


After the news of Mel’s passing broke, Mel’s best friend Lisa accused Sharon of killing her.

She told Sharon’s husband Phil that Sharon’s unborn baby wasn’t his and that Mel knew the truth.

Although Lisa was right about Sharon’s baby not being Phil’s, Sharon didn’t kill Mel.

Mel has been blackmailing Sharon for weeks EastEnders
Mel has been blackmailing Sharon for weeks (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers know Mel had been blackmailing Sharon for weeks after finding out that Louise Mitchell’s fiancé Keanu Taylor is the father of Sharon’s baby.

Louise, who is also pregnant with Keanu’s baby, has no idea that he had an affair with Sharon last year and a one-night stand during their brief split.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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