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Monday 23rd September 2019

EastEnders' Lorraine Stanley wants ALL of Karen's exes to arrive in Walford

That would put a cat among the pigeons...

Lorraine Stanley has revealed that she wants all of her character's ex-partners to arrive in EastEnders.

As if she didn't have enough on her plate!

The actress, 42, has admitted that she'd love Karen Taylor to come face to face with her former partners - and baby daddies.

Karen with her brood (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers know that Karen has six children by four different men, with Mitch - Chantelle and Keegan's dad - having already arrived on the Square.

Keanu, Bernadette, Riley and Chatham's fathers have yet to appear.

There has previously been much speculation about Keanu's dad Shane turning up, after a storyline in which Karen admitted he's currently in jail for trying to kill her.

If Keanu's dad turns up, it's bound to be explosive (Credit: BBC)

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EastEnders fans found out the truth about Keanu's absent dad, when Karen revealed that her ex-husband was currently in prison after trying to kill her and leaving her in intensive care when Keanu was a baby.

God, how many dads? They're all different.

Shane was handed a life sentence after attacking Karen and trying to kill her with a kitchen knife.

He hasn't been seen on screen. Yet.

Karen and son Keegan (Credit: BBC)

Asked if the soap would ever bring in Keanu's father, Lorraine recently said: "Yeah, I hope so. I think, at the moment, the Taylor family have got enough on their plate. But I reckon that is probably, I'm guessing, in the pipeline.

"And Bernie's dad as well. And Riley and Chatham's dad! God, how many dads? They're all different. Bernie's dad is different. Chatham and Riley's dad is different. And Keanu's dad is different. Obviously Mitch is Chantelle and Keegan's dad. Four fathers."

The actress joked that introducing so many new characters would help guarantee she'd be "in the show for another two years at least!"

Karen's life could become a LOT more complicated (Credit: BBC)

Lorraine also spoke about new bosses Kate Oates and Jon Sen, saying she can't wait to see how much "better" the soap becomes.

Speaking to Digital Spy, she said: "They're great people, and I think they're going to bring so much to it.

"EastEnders is just getting better and better. I mean, I've always loved it. I've watched it from day one. I'm a big EastEnders fan and I think we're in a really good place, and so are the Taylors.

"I think they've got some great storylines for us and the rest of the cast. I think we're smashing it at the minute. It feels good."

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