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Monday 27th January 2020

EastEnders fans overjoyed Jay and Lola are back together

Walford couple are back together after a dramatic heart to heart

EastEnders fans are overjoyed Jay Brown and Lola Pearce are back together - and it only took a triple shooting for it to happen.

The on and off couple are firmly back on again after hiding upstairs in the Queen Vic flat's bathroom during the siege.

Lola and Jay finally got together (Credit: BBC)

With Jay panicking about Ben and wanting to go and help his shot brother, Lola locked him in the bathroom with her so they would both be safe.

"I can't lose him, I can't," he said as Lola locked the door and told him it would be alright.

She said: "No matter what happens you've always got me and Lexi."

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After months of to-ing and fro-ing Lola finally confessed her feelings to her ex-boyfriend.

She said: "I care about you Jay. I care a lot. I love you."

He didn't quite understand, telling her: "You and me, we're like family."

They ignored the siege downstairs to get together in the loo (Credit: BBC)

So she told him straight with a snog: "No, I don't mean like family."

The sweet scenes came as Ben was fighting for his life after being shot by Hunter downstairs from them.

Viewers loved the welcome respite from the high drama with the kiss being the perfect antidote.

Hunter was shot dead by police (Credit: BBC)

One said: "Yay Lola and Jay, finally."

A second said: "OMG! YES LOLA & JAY JUST KISSED."

A third said: "I am mostly just pleased that Lola and Jay got to kiss. The rest of it is all much of a muchness #EastEnders #heartonsleeve"

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Meanwhile Hunter was shot and killed by police after leaving Ben for dead, shooting Keanu Taylor during his escape attempt and trying to shoot pregnant Louise Mitchell.

He demanded police get him a car under threat of shooting Louise in the stomach but when he tried to they shot first, killing him and causing him to collapse on her.

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