EastEnders: Heartbreak for Bex as Kat gets her claws into Kush?

Viewers are divided!

While age-gap romances rarely work out in soapland, we’ve been watching Bex and Kush grow closer with keenness in EastEnders.

Even though the odds are stacked against them – her eyeing up a place at university; him being her dad’s best friend and the brother of her dead ex! – we reckon they’d make a great couple.

Bex is crazy for Kush (Credit: BBC)

With Kush having been in a serious relationship with 50-year-old Denise before, he’s proved that age is immaterial in his eyes… but he may have concluded already there are too many hurdles with Bex.

Having shared a kiss, they are now doing their best to avoid each other…

Our hearts melted a little last night as the teenager agonised over how many kisses would be appropriate to put at the end of a thank-you text message to Kush, after he gave her a dress for a uni event.

She may be set for heartbreak, though, as Kush could be about to get cosy with another Walford lady: Kat!

Last night alarm bells were ringing as sparks flew between the pair when he arrived home to find all the Slaters bevvied up at his place.

Fans were quick to pick up on the chemistry and many are rooting for them as an item…

On told Twitter: “Looks like it isn’t only Bex that has a crush on Kush, actually wouldn’t mind seeing Kat with him.”

Another shared: “I want Kat and Kush together.”

A third noted: “Is anyone else sensing chemistry with Kush and Kat? That was such an adorable scene.”

It’s not proving a popular prospective pairing with some viewers though…

One commented: “As if Kush would look at a leathered old tramp like Kat 😂😂 🤢 when he could have a beautiful girl like Bex.

“If EastEnders explore the Kat/Kush relationship with actual seriousness, I’ll throw up.”

A second wrote: “I think my Kalfie self just shed many tears.”

Do you want to see Kush with Kat or Bex… or someone else entirely?!

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