EastEnders Linda and Stuart

EastEnders fans threaten to boycott soap over Linda’s ‘affair’ with Stuart

Linda has turned her back on her husband Mick...

EastEnders fans are pretty furious with Linda Carter right now.

Not only has she turned her back on husband Mick while he languishes in jail, but she’s been seen getting increasingly close to the guy who put him inside!

Linda used to hate Stuart (Credit: BBC)

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Soap fans HATE Stuart Highway with good reason…

He’s targeted the Carters with a cruel campaign of revenge – but for what we don’t yet know – and shot himself in order to frame old ‘friend’ Mick.

Mick has since been arrested and is in jail.

Halfway hugs Stuart after shooting
Stuart was shot, and only Halfway cared (Credit: BBC)

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In the scenes that followed, it looked like loyal wife Linda would support Mick through thick and thin – until new evidence threw shade at Mick’s story.

In torturous scenes, Linda turned her back on her shocked husband, leaving him alone in prison and refusing to visit him.

This week, she even took off her wedding rings in an apparent act of finality.

Linda knew Stuart was trouble when he first arrived in Walford (Credit: BBC)

Fans were livid with the matriarch – even more so recently as she appears to be getting closer to Mick’s nemesis Stuart!

Linda seems to be believing his web of lies and has become convinced that Mick did shoot his childhood friend in the Queen Vic.

In creepy scenes, Linda and Stuart had a cosy chat when he returned to ‘the scene of the crime’ for the first time.

Self-confessed paedophile hunter Stuart has been nothing but trouble (Credit: BBC)

The pair then exchanged text messages – with kisses!

Some fans now believe that the pair are about to embark on an icky affair.

And they aren’t happy!

In fact, many have threatened to boycott the BBC soap. But this is probably nothing compared to what Shirley will do when SHE finds out!


One viewer threatened: “Seriously hope this is a #Linda bluff to trap #Stuart out. If that ends up with a kiss I am literally NEVER watching #eastenders @bbceastenders ever ever ever again.”

Another said: “I’m sorry Eastenders but it’s a stupid storyline, the only happy couple in the soap and you split them up. There are couples that stay together for years and are perfectly happy.”

A third blasted: “Awful storyline and Stuart is a terrible character/actor. MIck stood by Linda through her rape storyline and believed her regardless of what others said and yet we are expected to believe she turns on Mick like this? Ridiculous!”

Linda's wedding ring
Linda slammed her wedding and engagements rings down on the table (Credit: BBC)

“Omg is Linda gonna get together with #stuart, his face says probably got her where he wants her!” worried another.

Spoilers printed in The Sun suggest that Stuart IS planning to seduce Linda in a bid to ruin Mick’s life.

However, there are some viewers who are convinced this is all part of an elaborate plan by Linda to take Stuart down…

Is she calling Stuart’s bluff?

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