EastEnders fans sickened as Gray punches wife Chantelle

EastEnders fans think they have spotted proof Gray will murder Chantelle

Will it all end with one dead and another in prison?

Fans of EastEnders think Chantelle and Gray’s domestic abuse storyline will end in murder – and they’ve got proof.

Hairdresser Chantelle is being subject to awful physical abuse by solicitor husband Gray behind closed doors, and fans think they have spotted proof she will be murdered.

Gray punches wife Chantelle
Gray has been abusing wife Chantelle in secret (Credit: BBC)

The fan posted on Digital Spy Forums: “A couple of weeks ago there was a scene when Chantelle and Gray were alone at home, without reference to anything relevant the camera panned to a rack of knives within reach.

“Obviously this was done for a reason, it remains to be seen whether one of them will reach out and stab the other or it this a red herring.”

However, other fans are split about who will kill who.

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One said: “Chantelle is being carefully portrayed as an endearing, very generous, kind and forgiving character.

“With her natural curls and sweet face, she is meant to be adorable, with the intention of making her (probable) upcoming murder at the hands of Gray all the more upsetting for the viewers.”

However, another fan said it could be the reverse with Chantelle killing Gray but not being believed.

Could Chantelle be murdered by Gray? (Credit: BBC)

They said: “Or her murdering Gray to be seen as completely unbelievable and leading to a campaign for her like the Kiranjit case of the 90s headed by the Southall Black sisters.

“Where a woman was given life for murdering her husband but he had been abusing her and she finally snapped and hit back. Her conviction was overturned eventually.”

Another said: “The way both are viewed by the outside world nobody would believe Gray was an abuser so if she did kill him everyone on the Square would be shocked and vice versa.”

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A further posted pointed out that it could mean Chantelle was imprisoned for killing Gray in self-defence.

They said: “If he goes to punch her in the abdomen now she’s pregnant she could well kill him.

“The trouble is that with no witnesses and everyone thinking he’s the perfect man she will not have any defence in Court. That’s why I hope that someone like Denise starts to have suspicions that all is not well.”

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