EastEnders fans think Sharon’s baby will be Phil’s in surprise twist

Fans are predicting a game-changing twist

Fans of EastEnders are convinced Sharon IS having Phil’s baby.

Ever since Sharon got the pre-birth DNA test from a sample of Phil’s DNA the show has acted as if Phil definitely isn’t the father, but fans are smelling a rat.

Fans think there has been a mix-up (Credit: BBC)

With Phil follicley challenged, they have pointed out that it would be more difficult for Sharon to get a DNA sample from Phil without him knowing.

And with mix-ups by ordinary people happening all the time, they think Sharon made a mistake and Phil really is the dad leading to a bombshell twist.

One said: “It’s still very likely to be Phil’s, I still maintain that the show wouldn’t reveal the dad in a Monday episode in the middle of summer, she will have used the wrong DNA sample and it will have ended up being Keanu’s DNA instead of Phil’s.”

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A second said: “They’re going to make it Phil’s at some point…..Keanu just isn’t important enough to have two children knocking around the Square.”

A third said: “Did they show how Sharon… erm… collected Phil’s DNA? I’m a bit grossed out about what sample she sent off as he has no hair.”

Whatever the truth of the paternity, Phil is going to explode with rage when he finally lets Sharon know he knows she cheated on him.

In an explosive new Christmas trailer Phil discovers the truth about Sharon and Keanu’s affair and loses it at the dinner table.

“Worth it, was he?” screams Phil as he hurls a chair across the room with Sharon shocked in the corner

However there is hope for fans as actress Letitia Dean has revealed that Sharon will fight back against Phil.

She said: “The scenes are so tense, all I’ll say is that it’s EastEnders at Christmas so it’s very dramatic – Phil is at his angriest and we see the fighter in Sharon, it was a fantastic dynamic to play.

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“Well, Sharon has no idea that Phil knows – she’s been slaving away getting everything ready for Christmas dinner.

“Then, from nowhere, Phil confronts her. Obviously, Phil explodes and all hell breaks loose at No. 55, Sharon finds herself with nowhere to hide.

“I don’t want to spoil anything, but there are some twists and turns that Sharon definitely didn’t see coming… and neither did I…”

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