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EastEnders fans think Ian Beale is only helping Sharon because he wants to have sex with her

Creepy or caring?

Ian Beale appeared to choose old friend Sharon Mitchell over his own mum Kathy last night, but some EastEnders fans believe his intentions aren’t honourable.

In tense scenes on Thursday (January 9), Kathy made it clear she didn’t approve of Ian’s house guest, seeming to find little sympathy for pregnant Sharon’s predicament.

EastEnders Sharon Credit: BBC
Sharon has found comfort in her friendship with Ian (Credit: BBC)

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And as Ian and Kathy clashed over family loyalty, those watching from home took sides, too – with some slamming Kathy for being a “hypocrite” and others appalled that “idiot” Ian was taking Sharon’s side over family.

Ian told a shocked Kathy: “If you can’t cope, you get out. It’s up to you mum.”

Disgusting man. He’s just hoping to bed Sharon. The snake.

But some viewers believe there’s even more sinister feelings at play here, accusing the Walford businessman of only housing Sharon because he wants to have his wicked way with her.


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One wrote: “Disgusting man. He’s just hoping to bed Sharon. The snake.”

Another said: “He wants to sleep with Sharon and father her unborn to make up his losses, disgusting rat!”

A third added: ‘He just wants a [bleep] to be honest.”

Are Ian’s intentions honourable? (Credit: BBC)

“Ian, Shazam is never gonna play your queen! You’re seriously punching mate,” and another added: “God Kathy is such a heartless crone, I guess old wounds never heal.

“Although Ian kicking his mother out, so he can try it on with Sharon, isn’t okay either. What is wrong with the Beale’s? #EastEnders.”

Some, however, defended Ian, claiming he was finally showing a human side.

One wrote: “His loyalty is with the childhood best friend who has been there for him more than anyone (after auntie Pauline RIP). We stan this Ian Beale.”

Another said: “Ian is turning to the human side. Sharon has literally lost everything and the only one she has right now is Ian.”

“Sharon has been Ian’s best friend since they were three,” insisted another.

Others believe Kathy and Phil could “revisit” their past relationship at some point, too, which would make things pretty complicated!

Just good friends or a potential couple? What do you think?

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